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October 27, 2005
China Economy and China Trade - China Economy Topic Center

Yuan (Traditional Chinese|TC:元 or 圓; Simplified Chinese|SC:元 Pinyin yu?n WG y?an) is, in Chinese language, the base unit of cur

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"China Economy" Subtopics and articles

    Economy of China Because of its unique economic organization, China contains multiple separate economic regions. The Economy of China /Str...
    Chinese economic reform Image:China Provincial Migration.jpg|thumb|300px|Economic reforms have triggered internal migrations within China. Click on the image for mo...
    Market economy A market economy is a term used to describe an economy where economic decisions, such as pricing of goods and services, are made in a decentralized
    Renminbi The renminbi (Traditional Chinese: 人民幣, Simplified Chinese: 人民&#...
    Special Economic Zone A Special Economic Zone ( SEZ ) is a geographical region that has economic laws different from a country's t...

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