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October 27, 2005
Chinese Culture - China Life Topic Center

Xiaolingtong (小灵通) (also known as PAS - Personal Access System) is the wireless extension ...

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A culture life

"China Life" Subtopics and articles

Introduction |  History and story |  Festivals |  Having fun |  Others
    Traditional Chinese holidays The traditional Chinese holidays have been part of Chinese tradition for thousands of years; they are an essential part of ...
    Xiaokang Xiaokang society (Chinese language|Chinese: 小康社会: xiǎokāng sh...
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History and story
    Laowai Laowai is a term in Mandarin Chinese, which roughly translates into foreigner. The term is supposed not...
    The world's first test tube baby, Louise Brown When Louise Brown was born on July 25, 1978, in England, she was the world's first test tube baby, the result of a now-common procedure called in vitr
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    Double Ninth Festival The Double Ninth Festival (重九, also Chung Yeung Festival 重陽&am...
    Qing Ming Jie #redirect Qingming Festival ...
    Important Chinese Festivals Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year (January/February) It is usually in the winter of a year. The exact date would follow the one in Lunar Calendar. Enter
    Holidays in mainland China Holidays in mainland China : The three main holidays in the People's Republic of China are the Spring Festival, May Day, and National Day on October
    Ghost Festival < I>This article is about the Chinese Ghost Festival. For the festival in Loei province, Thailand, see Pee Ta Khon.< /I> The < Stro...
    Mid-Autumn Festival Image:Midautumn_moon_festival.jpg|thumb|The Mid-Autumn Moonfestival is also celebrated in overseas Chinese communities like the San Francisc...
    Winter Solstice Festival The Winter Solstice Festival (pronounced "Dong Zhi" in Cantonese and roughly means "The coming of Winter") is celebrated wh...
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Having fun
    Pekingese Pekingese is an ancient toy list of dog breeds|breed of dog, originating in China. They were the favoured imperial pet. Good-natured and happy...
    Learn About The Traditional Chinese Sailing Ships The traditional sailing ships are one of the main prosperity Chinese symbols. Actually, these objects are the most known symbols after dragons in the

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