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October 27, 2005
Chinese Art - Chinese Art Topic Center

Zhang Chongren
Image:Zhang_Chongren.jpg|thumb|Zhang Chongren Zhang Chongren or Chang Ch'ung-jen (张?...

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Chinese clip art, ancient Chinese art, Chinese dragon art, Chinese art work, Chinese art history, et al.

"Chinese Art" Subtopics and articles

Introduction |  History and story |  Chinese architecture |  Chinese Clip Art |  Chinese folk art |  Chinese martial arts |  Chinese paper art |  Lion dance |  Manhua |  Others
    Yang Ge Yang Ge (秧歌) is a style of dance very popular in the north China countryside. Dancers typically use a...
    Chinese art Image:ShangVessel.jpg|thumb|300px|13th century BC spouted ritual wine vessel (Guang). This vessel dates to the early Anyang period of...
    Yip Man cleanup-copyedit Yip Man (葉問 in pinyin: ye4 wen4; in Jyutping: jip6 man6 aka 葉&...
    Wu Cheng'en Wu Cheng'en (Traditional Chinese: 吳承恩; Simplified Chinese: 吴承...
    Chinoiserie Chinoiserie refers to an Art styles, periods and movements|artistic style which reflects Chinese influence and is characte...
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History and story
    Tang Dynasty art Image:Tang-hores1.jpg|400px|thumb|right|Night Shining White, a handscroll attributed to Han Gan (active 742?756). Tang D...
    Chinese variety art Variety arts in China , including tightrope walking, acrobatics, animal acts, and sleight of hand date back at least as far ...
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Chinese architecture
    Chinese architecture Image:Forbidden_City1.JPG|thumb|300px|The Hall of Supreme Harmony within the Palace Museum (Forbidden City) grounds Chine...
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Chinese Clip Art
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Chinese folk art
    Chinese folk art Folk arts have a long history in China. One of the oldest forms of folk art is puppetry. Puppeteers use various ...
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Chinese martial arts
    Chinese martial arts Chinese martial arts , often abbreviated as CMA , refers to the enormous variety of martial art styles nativ...
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Chinese paper art
    Chinese paper folding Paper folding is an art known, in some form, in most societies that use paper. Most famously, the Japanese have developed the art under the name or
    Chinese paper art Image:Chinese paper art Stock.xchng.jpg|thumb|300px|Chinese paper art In a culture that invented paper back in the 1st century AD (Cai ...
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Lion dance
    lion dance cleanup Image:Lion dance costume.jpg|200px|thumb|Costumed southern lion dancer in action at a Chinese New Year celebration ...
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    Manhua Manhua (Chinese language|Chinese: 漫畫/漫画; pinyin: m?n hu?) is the China|Chinese word for comic strips and comic books. Ou

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