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October 27, 2005
Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herb - Famous Chinese Physicians Topic Center

Tsang Kung
Cang Gong, also called Tai Tsang Kung, whose surname is Chun Yu, and first name is Yi. Tsang lived in the early Han Dynasty (B.C. 205- ca. B.C. 140),

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    Chang Chung Ching Pinyin, Zhang1 Zhong1 jing3. He is the most famous of China's ancient herbal doctors.
    Pien Ch'iao Bian Que was the legendary first medical doctor of Chinese medicine in ancient Chinese history that had a formal biography written about him.
    Hua Tuo Hua To (Pinyin, Hua2Tuo2) was the first famous Chinese surgeon in late Han Dynasty. He has been compared, in this regard, to Jivaka of India, who liv
    List of Famous Chinese Physicians in the Past acupuncture doctor, doctor of chinese medicine,

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