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November 23, 2005

Most Recent Medline Articles on "Medicine, Oriental Traditional"

1. Inhibitory effects of Cnidium officinale Makino and Tabanus fulvus Meigan on the high glucose-induced proliferation of glomerular mesangial cells.
Author(s): Jeong S I, Kwak D H, Lee S, Choo Y K, Woo W H, Keum K S, Choi B K, Jung K Y
Phytomedicine Sep, 2005; 12(9): 648-55.

2. Association between tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene polymorphism and Sasang constitution in cerebral infarction.
Author(s): Um Jae-Young, Lee Jae-Heung, Joo Jong-Cheon, Kim Kyung-Yo, Lee Eun-Hee, Shin Taekyun, Hong Seung-Heon, Kim Hyung-Min
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(4): 547-57.

3. Feasibility of modified DLQI-based questionnaires for evaluation of clinical efficacy of herbal medicine in chronic skin diseases.
Author(s): Kondoh Akio, Ohta Yukinori, Yamamoto Kozo, Iwashita Kenichi, Umezawa Yoshinori, Matsuyama Takashi, Ozawa Akira, Shinohara Yukito
Tokai J Exp Clin Med Jul, 2005; 30(2): 97-102.

4. Extracts and molecules from medicinal plants against herpes simplex viruses.
Author(s): Khan Mahmud Tareq Hassan, Ather Arjumand, Thompson Kenneth D, Gambari Roberto
Antiviral Res Aug, 2005; 67(2): 107-19.

5. Inhibition of human endothelial cell proliferation by Gami--Jeonggi--San (Jiawei--Zhenqi--San) is accompanied by transcriptional up-regulation of p53 and Waf1 tumor suppressor genes.
Author(s): Moon Sang-Kwan, Jin Hyung-Seok, Ko Chang-Nam, Kim Young-Suk, Bae Hyung-Sup, Lee Kyung-Sup, Cho Ki-Ho
J Ethnopharmacol Aug 22, 2005; 100(1-2): 187-92.

6. West meets East in rheumatology.
Author(s): Chen Lan X, Schumacher H Ralph
Curr Rheumatol Rep Aug, 2005; 7(4): 251-3. No Abstract Available.

7. Penta-O-galloyl-beta-D-glucose suppresses tumor growth via inhibition of angiogenesis and stimulation of apoptosis: roles of cyclooxygenase-2 and mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways.
Author(s): Huh Jeong-Eun, Lee Eun-Ok, Kim Min-Seok, Kang Kyung-Sun, Kim Cheol-Ho, Cha Bae-Cheon, Surh Young-Joon, Kim Sung-Hoon
Carcinogenesis Aug, 2005; 26(8): 1436-45.

8. The inhibitory effect of a Korean herbal medicine, Zedoariae rhizoma, on growth of cultured human hepatic myofibroblast cells.
Author(s): Kim Dong-Il, Lee Tae-Kyun, Jang Tae-Hyun, Kim Cheorl-Ho
Life Sci Jul 8, 2005; 77(8): 890-906.

9. Retention and effectiveness of HIV/AIDS training of traditional healers in far western Nepal.
Author(s): Poudel Krishna C, Jimba Masamine, Joshi Anand B, Poudel-Tandukar Kalpana, Sharma Mahesh, Wakai Susumu
Trop Med Int Health Jul, 2005; 10(7): 640-6.

10. An introduction to human biophoton emission.
Author(s): Wijk Roeland Van, Wijk Eduard P A Van
Forsch Komplementarmed Klass Naturheilkd Apr, 2005; 12(2): 77-83.

11. The increasing use of reiki as a complementary therapy in specialist palliative care.
Author(s): Burden Barbara, Herron-Marx Sandy, Clifford Collette
Int J Palliat Nurs May, 2005; 11(5): 248-53.

12. Anti-inflammatory activity of Korean folk medicine 'Sabaeksan'.
Author(s): Choi In-Young, Koo Hyun-Na, Lee Si-Hyeong, Shin Jo-Young, Chae Han-Jung, Kim Hyung-Ryong, Kim Cheorl-Ho, Hong Seung-Heon, Kim Hyung-Min
Exp Mol Pathol Jun, 2005; 78(3): 257-62.

13. Nelumbinis Semen reverses a decrease in hippocampal 5-HT release induced by chronic mild stress in rats.
Author(s): Kang Moonkyu, Pyun Kwang-Ho, Jang Choon-Gon, Kim Hyuntaek, Bae Hyunsu, Shim Insop
J Pharm Pharmacol May, 2005; 57(5): 651-6.

14. Traditional aqueous kava extracts inhibit cytochrome P450 1A2 in humans: Protective effect against environmental carcinogens?
Author(s): Russmann Stefan, Lauterburg Bernhard H, Barguil Yann, Choblet Erwan, Cabalion Pierre, Rentsch Katharina, Wenk Markus
Clin Pharmacol Ther May, 2005; 77(5): 453-4. No Abstract Available.

15. Study for anti-angiogenic activities of polysaccharides isolated from Antrodia cinnamomea in endothelial cells.
Author(s): Cheng Jing-Jy, Huang Nai-Kuei, Chang Tun-Tschu, Wang Danny Ling, Lu Mei-Kuang
Life Sci May 13, 2005; 76(26): 3029-42.

16. Screening of vasorelaxant activity of some medicinal plants used in Oriental medicines.
Author(s): Yin Ming Hao, Kang Dae Gill, Choi Deok Ho, Kwon Tae Oh, Lee Ho Sub
J Ethnopharmacol May 13, 2005; 99(1): 113-7.

17. Neuroprotective herbs for stroke therapy in traditional eastern medicine.
Author(s): Kim Hocheol
Neurol Res Apr, 2005; 27(3): 287-301.

18. Glycoproteins contained within Soamsan, a traditional Oriental medicine, are the main class of active ingredients responsible for the medicine-induced immune stimulation.
Author(s): Lee Jeong-Chae, Lee Kyung-Yeol, Jung Ha-Na, Kim Jae-Gon, Jang Yong-Suk
J Biochem Mol Biol Mar 31, 2005; 38(2): 253-7.

19. Effects of Korean traditional herbal remedy on heart rate variability: linear and nonlinear analysis.
Author(s): Lee Myeong Soo, Shin Byung-Chul, Rim Young-Hoon, Woo Won Hong
Int J Neurosci Mar, 2005; 115(3): 393-403.

20. An examination of the relationship between five oriental musical tones and corresponding internal organs and meridians.
Author(s): Kim Yong-Chin, Jeong Dong-myong, Lee Myeong Soo
Acupunct Electrother Res , 2004; 29(3-4): 227-33.

21. Korea red ginseng water extract increases nitric oxide concentrations in exhaled breath.
Author(s): Han Kun, Shin Im-Chul, Choi Kang-Ju, Yun Yeo-Pyo, Hong Jin-Tae, Oh Ki-Wan
Nitric Oxide May, 2005; 12(3): 159-62.

22. Inhibition by Artocarpus tonkinensis of the development of collagen-induced arthritis in rats.
Author(s): Ngoc D D T, Catrina A I, Lundberg K, Harris H E, Ha N T, Anh P T, Larsson P
Scand J Immunol Mar, 2005; 61(3): 234-41.

23. Effects of Ya-hom on blood pressure in rats.
Author(s): Suvitayavat W, Tunglert S, Thirawarapan S S, Bunyapraphatsara N
J Ethnopharmacol Mar 21, 2005; 97(3): 503-8.

24. Sargassum hemiphyllum inhibits atopic allergic reaction via the regulation of inflammatory mediators.
Author(s): Na Ho-Jeong, Moon Phil-Dong, Ko Seong-Gum, Lee Hee-Jung, Jung Hyun-Ah, Hong Seung-Heon, Seo Youngwan, Oh Jay-Min, Lee Bong-Ho, Choi Byoung-Wook, Kim Hyung-Min
J Pharmacol Sci Feb, 2005; 97(2): 219-26.

25. Antrodia camphorata prevents rat pheochromocytoma cells from serum deprivation-induced apoptosis.
Author(s): Huang Nai-Kuei, Cheng Jing-Jy, Lai Wen-Lin, Lu Mei-Kuang
FEMS Microbiol Lett Mar 1, 2005; 244(1): 213-9.

26. Encounters of the Korean body with the traditional and modern medical systems
Author(s): Kang Shin-Ik
Uisahak Dec, 2004; 13(2): 315-34.

27. Anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of Plumbago zeylanica L.
Author(s): Wang Yuan-Chuen, Huang Tung-Liang
FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol Mar 1, 2005; 43(3): 407-12.

28. Effect of Taegyo-focused prenatal education on maternal-fetal attachment and self-efficacy related to childbirth.
Author(s): Chang SoonBok, Park Somi, Chung ChaeWeon
Taehan Kanho Hakhoe Chi Dec, 2004; 34(8): 1409-15.

29. Yuk-Hap-Tang induces apoptosis by intervening mn-SOD in human cervical carcinoma HeLa cells.
Author(s): Chae H J, Park J M, Lee G Y, Park H R, Chae S W, Jeong G S, Kim H M, Kim S B, Yoo S K, Kim H R
Am J Chin Med , 2004; 32(6): 883-95.

30. Anti-inflammatory effects of a traditional Korean herbal formulation, Silsosangami, consisting of seven medicinal herbs: effect on hemolysis, neutrophil function, and gene expressions of iNOS and COX-2.
Author(s): Park Won-Hwan, Kim Chang-Hwan, Lee Young-Choon, Kim Cheorl-Ho
Vascul Pharmacol Aug, 2004; 42(1): 7-15.

31. Suppression of nuclear translocation of nuclear factor-kappaB and nuclear factor of activated T cells by Younggaechulgam-tang.
Author(s): Shin Hye-Young, Song Yung-sun, Hwang Chung-Yeon, Shin Tae-Yong, Kim Hyung-Min
Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol , 2004; 26(4): 545-58.

32. Inhibitory effect of inflammatory cytokines production from activated mast cells by Gamisopoonghwanghyul-tang.
Author(s): Shin Hye-Young, Song Yung-Sun, Kim Hyung-Min, Shin Tae-Yong
Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol , 2004; 26(4): 587-96.

33. In vitro immunomodulatory activity of Bo-yang-hwan-o-tang.
Author(s): Kim Young-Hyun, Ha Jong-Cheon, Do Jeong-Su, Choi Youn-Hwa, Choo Young Kug, Woo Won-Hong, Yi Ho Keun, Hwang Pyung Han, Nam Sang-Yun
Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol , 2004; 26(4): 631-44.

34. Cheongyeolsaseuptang inhibits production of TNF-alpha, IL-6 and IL-8 as well as NF-kappa B activation in human mast cells.
Author(s): Kim Su-Jin, Lee Eon-Jeong, Song Yung-Sun, Jeong Hyun-Ja, Lee Kang-Min, Kim Hyung-Ryong, Chae Han-Jung, Shin Tae-Yong, Kim Yun-Kyung, Hong Seung-Heon, Kim Hyung-Min
J Ethnopharmacol Feb 10, 2005; 97(1): 83-8.

35. Large-scale and effective screening of Korean medicinal plants for inhibitory activity on matrix metalloproteinase-9.
Author(s): Seo Un-Kyo, Lee Young-Ja, Kim June-Ki, Cha Byung-Yoon, Kim Dong-Wook, Nam Kyung-Soo, Kim Cheorl-Ho
J Ethnopharmacol Feb 10, 2005; 97(1): 101-6.

36. Efficacy of a traditional Korean medicine, Chung-Sang-Bo-Ha-Tang, in a murine model of chronic asthma.
Author(s): Roh Gu Seob, Seo Seong-Won, Yeo Sinkoo, Lee Jung Min, Choi Jung-Won, Kim Eunkyung, Shin Younghyun, Cho Chongwoon, Bae Hyunsu, Jung Sung-Ki, Kwack Kyubum
Int Immunopharmacol Feb, 2005; 5(2): 427-36.

37. Antidepressant effect of Chaihu-Shugan-San extract and its constituents in rat models of depression.
Author(s): Kim Sun-Hee, Han Jin, Seog Dae-Hyun, Chung Joon-Yong, Kim Nari, Hong Park Yeong, Lee Sang Kyeong
Life Sci Jan 28, 2005; 76(11): 1297-306.

38. Bidirectional ventricular tachycardia resulting from herbal aconite poisoning.
Author(s): Smith Stephen W, Shah Rajiv R, Hunt Jennifer L, Herzog Charles A
Ann Emerg Med Jan, 2005; 45(1): 100-1. No Abstract Available.

39. The antioxidative activity of traditional Japanese herbs.
Author(s): Xiufen Wang, Hiramatsu Naoko, Matsubara Mai
Biofactors , 2004; 21(1-4): 281-4.

40. Two new ellagic acid glycosides from leaves of Diplopanax stachyanthus.
Author(s): Yan Xiao-Hong, Guo Yue-Wei
J Asian Nat Prod Res Dec, 2004; 6(4): 271-6.

41. Diet instruction for Japanese traditional food in therapy for atopic dermatitis.
Author(s): Kobayashi Hiromi, Mizuno Nobuyuki, Teramae Hiroyuki, Kutsuna Haruo, Nanatsue Mika, Hirai Kazuko, Ishii Masamitsu
Adv Exp Med Biol , 2004; 546: 281-96. No Abstract Available.

42. Effects of a Korean traditional herbal remedy on psychoneuroendocrine responses to examination stress in medical students: a randomized placebo-controlled trial.
Author(s): Lee Myeong Soo, Park Ki-Won, Moon Sun-Rock
Hum Psychopharmacol Dec, 2004; 19(8): 537-43.

43. History and current state of moxibustion
Author(s): Zhang Ren
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao Nov, 2004; 2(6): 466-73.

44. OK205 regulates production of inflammatory cytokines in HMC-1 cells.
Author(s): Choi In-Young, Jung Hyuk-Sang, Kim Hyung-Ryong, Lee Eon-Jeong, Lee Eun-Hee, Shin Tae-Yong, Kim Hyung-Min, Hong Seung-Heon
Biol Pharm Bull Nov, 2004; 27(11): 1871-4.

45. Decrease of immobility behavior in forced-swimming test and immune system enhancing effect of traditional medicine Gamisipjundaebo-tang.
Author(s): Shin Hye-Young, Shin Tae-Yong, Seo Sang-Wan, Na Ho-Jeong, Kwon Yong-Taek, Song Bong-Keun, Lee Eon-Jeong, Kim Yun-Kyung, Hong Moo-Chang, Shin Min-Kyu, Hong Seung-Heon, Kim Hyung-Min
Pharmacol Biochem Behav Oct, 2004; 79(2): 253-9.

46. The oriental tradition of Paul of Aegina's Pragmateia.
Author(s): Pormann Peter E
Stud Anc Med , 2004; 29: 1-337. No Abstract Available.

47. Antioxidant properties of Plumbago zeylanica, an Indian medicinal plant and its active ingredient, plumbagin.
Author(s): Tilak Jai C, Adhikari Soumyakanti, Devasagayam Thomas P A
Redox Rep , 2004; 9(4): 219-27.

48. Inhibitory effect of Cho-Deung-San on human aortic smooth muscle cell migration induced by TNF-alpha through inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9 activity.
Author(s): Ha Ki-Tae, Lee Tae-Kyun, Kwak Keum-Hwa, Kim June-Ki, Kim Dong-Il, Choi Dal-Youn, Kim Cheorl-Ho
Vascul Pharmacol Apr, 2004; 41(3): 83-90.

49. Xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity of Vietnamese medicinal plants.
Author(s): Nguyen Mai Thanh Thi, Awale Suresh, Tezuka Yasuhiro, Tran Quan Le, Watanabe Hiroshi, Kadota Shigetoshi
Biol Pharm Bull Sep, 2004; 27(9): 1414-21.

50. Differential regulation by Seogak Jihwang-Tang on cytokines production in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from the cerebral infarction patients presenting with altered consciousness.
Author(s): Jeong Hyun-Ja, Chung Hwan-Suck, Kim Yo-Han, Moon Byung-Soon, Sung Kang-Keyng, Bai Sun-Joon, Cho Kwang-Ho, Kim Yun-Kyung, Hong Seung-Heon, Shin Taekyun, Kim Hyung-Min
J Ethnopharmacol Oct, 2004; 94(2-3): 289-94.

51. The in-vivo effect of bakumondo-to (TJ-29), a traditional Japanese medicine used for treatment of chronic airway disease, on cytochrome P450 1A2, xanthine oxidase and N-acetyltransferase 2 activity in man.
Author(s): Saruwatari Junji, Hisaeda Shinichirou, Higa Yoko, Tomiyasu Yuko, Nakagawa Kazuko, Ishizaki Takashi
J Pharm Pharmacol Sep, 2004; 56(9): 1171-7.

52. Sesquiterpenes and flavonol glycosides from Zingiber aromaticum and their CYP3A4 and CYP2D6 inhibitory activities.
Author(s): Usia Tepy, Iwata Hiroshi, Hiratsuka Akira, Watabe Tadashi, Kadota Shigetoshi, Tezuka Yasuhiro
J Nat Prod Jul, 2004; 67(7): 1079-83.

53. Focus on psychiatry in Singapore.
Author(s): Kua Ee Heok
Br J Psychiatry Jul, 2004; 185: 79-82. No Abstract Available.

54. Inhibitory effect of Yunbutang on mast cell-dependent allergic reactions.
Author(s): Na Ho-Jeong, Moon Phil-Dong, Hong Seung-Heon, Shin Jo-Young, Kim Hyung-Min
Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol May, 2004; 26(2): 233-42.

55. Traditional Kampo medicine: Unauthenticated in the Meiji era.
Author(s): Sugiyama Shigeo
Hist Sci (Tokyo) Mar, 2004; 13(3): 209-23. No Abstract Available.

56. The similarity between two medicines: Oriental medical thought of meridian and Western medical knowledge of nerve.
Author(s): Matsumura Noriaki
Hist Sci (Tokyo) Mar, 2004; 13(3): 224-31. No Abstract Available.

57. Stress in traditional Oriental medicine and clinical chemistry--from the viewpoint of salutogenesis
Author(s): Nagata Katsutaro
Rinsho Byori May, 2004; 52(5): 452-8.

58. Madimadi, Korean folk medicine, blocks TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, and IL-8 production by activated human immune cells.
Author(s): Kim Mi-Sun, Yi Jin-Mu, Kim Sung Hoon, Hong Seung-Heon, Kim Hyung Min
Cytokine Feb 21, 2004; 25(4): 179-86.

59. Health care seeking behavior of Korean women with lymphedema.
Author(s): Cho Myoung Ok
Nurs Health Sci Jun, 2004; 6(2): 149-59.

60. Effect of a Korean traditional formulation, Hwaotang, on superoxide generation in human neutrophils, platelet aggregation in human blood, and nitric oxide, prostaglandin E2 production and paw oedema induced by carrageenan in mice.
Author(s): Park Won-Hwan, Park Soo-Young, Kim Hyung-Min, Kim Cheorl-Ho
Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol Feb, 2004; 26(1): 53-73.

61. Chung-Yeul-Gue-Soup-Sa-Gan-Tang, traditional Korean medicine, enhances CD4(+) T cell activities and modulates Th1/Th2 lineage development.
Author(s): Ko Eunjung, Park Jae-Woo, Rho Samwoong, Cho Chongwoon, Park Seongkyu, Ko Seonggyu, Lee Yongwon, Hong Moo-Chang, Shin Min-Kyu, Ryu Ki-Won, Bae Hyunsu
J Pharmacol Sci Apr, 2004; 94(4): 359-67.

62. Modernized education of traditional medicine in Korea: is it contributing to the same type of professionalization seen in Western medicine?
Author(s): Kim Chang-Yup, Lim Byungmook
Soc Sci Med May, 2004; 58(10): 1999-2008.

63. Perspectives on the evolution of Japanese medicine.
Author(s): Sakai Shizu
Nippon Ishigaku Zasshi Dec, 2003; 49(4): 756-47. No Abstract Available.

64. Extracts of Phellinus gilvus and Phellinus baumii inhibit pulmonary inflammation induced by lipopolysaccharide in rats.
Author(s): Jang Beom-Su, Kim Jong-Chun, Bae Jae-Sung, Rhee Man-Hee, Jang Kwang-Ho, Song Jae-Chan, Kwon Oh-Deog, Park Seung-Chun
Biotechnol Lett Jan, 2004; 26(1): 31-3.

65. Traditional medicine under Japanese rule after 1930s
Author(s): Shin Dong-won
Uisahak Dec, 2003; 12(2): 110-28.

66. Medicine and religion: spiritual dimension of health care.
Author(s): Hinohara S
Hum Health Care null; 1(2): E2.

67. Loving kindness: the essential Buddhist contribution to primary care.
Author(s): Aung S K H
Hum Health Care Int Apr, 1996; 12(2): E12..

68. The inhibitory principle of lipopolysaccharide-induced nitric oxide production from Inula britannica var. chinensis.
Author(s): Je Kang-Hoon, Han Ah-Reum, Lee Hyun-Tai, Mar Woongchon, Seo Eun-Kyoung
Arch Pharm Res Jan, 2004; 27(1): 83-5.

69. Distribution of (-)-yatein in Cupressaceae family analysed by high performance liquid chromatography.
Author(s): Hwang Gwi Seo, Phuong Nguyen Thi, Park Kyung Rae, Kim Young Ho, Kim Kyeong Ho, Kang Jong Seong
Arch Pharm Res Jan, 2004; 27(1): 35-9.

70. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors from the twigs of Vaccinium oldhami Miquel.
Author(s): Lee Jae Hyeok, Lee Ki Taek, Yang Jae Heon, Baek Nam In, Kim Dae Keun
Arch Pharm Res Jan, 2004; 27(1): 53-6.

71. Extracts of Phellinus linteus grown on germinated brown rice suppress liver damage induced by carbon tetrachloride in rats.
Author(s): Jeon Tae Il, Hwang Seong-Gu, Lim Beong Ou, Park Dong Ki
Biotechnol Lett Dec, 2003; 25(24): 2093-6.

72. Extracts of spice and food plants from Thai traditional medicine inhibit the growth of the human carcinogen Helicobacter pylori.
Author(s): Bhamarapravati S, Pendland S L, Mahady G B
In Vivo null; 17(6): 541-4.

73. New alkaloids from Pandanus amaryllifolius.
Author(s): Salim Angela A, Garson Mary J, Craik David J
J Nat Prod Jan, 2004; 67(1): 54-7.

74. Asian traditional medicine (ATM) based on in vivo microcirculation evidence.
Author(s): Niimi Hideyuki, Han Jing-Yan, Patumraj Suthiluk
Clin Hemorheol Microcirc , 2003; 29(3-4): 195-8.

75. Summary of conference on homonization of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine held by WHO for the 2nd time
Author(s): Xie Zhu-fan
Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi Dec, 2003; 23(12): 950-1. No Abstract Available.

76. Survey on the programs of Sanhujori centers in Korea as the traditional postpartum care facilities.
Author(s): Kim Jeongeun
Women Health , 2003; 38(2): 107-17.

77. Angiotensin converting enzyme gene polymorphism and traditional Sasang classification in Koreans with cerebral infarction.
Author(s): Um Jae-Young, Joo Jong-Cheon, Kim Kyung-Yo, An Nyeon-Hyoung, Lee Kang-Min, Kim Hyung-Min
Hereditas , 2003; 138(3): 166-71.

78. Toll-like receptor 4-dependent activation of macrophages by polysaccharide isolated from the radix of Platycodon grandiflorum.
Author(s): Yoon Yeo Dae, Han Sang Bae, Kang Jong Soon, Lee Chang Woo, Park Song-Kyu, Lee Hyun Sun, Kang Jong Seong, Kim Hwan Mook
Int Immunopharmacol Dec, 2003; 3(13-14): 1873-82.

79. Antimalarial activity of herbal extracts used in traditional medicine in Korea.
Author(s): Park Hyun, Kim Myung Soo, Jeon Byung Hun, Kim Tae Kyun, Kim Yong Man, Ahnn Joohong, Kwon Dong-Yeul, Takaya Yoshiaki, Wataya Yusuke, Kim Hye-Sook
Biol Pharm Bull Nov, 2003; 26(11): 1623-4.

80. Platelet anti-aggregatory effects of coumarins from the roots of Angelica genuflexa and A. gigas.
Author(s): Lee Yong Yook, Lee Sanghyun, Jin Jing Ling, Yun-Choi Hye Sook
Arch Pharm Res Sep, 2003; 26(9): 723-6.

81. Anti-tumor activities of decursinol angelate and decursin from Angelica gigas.
Author(s): Lee Sanghyun, Lee Yeon Sil, Jung Sang Hoon, Shin Kuk Hyun, Kim Bak-Kwang, Kang Sam Sik
Arch Pharm Res Sep, 2003; 26(9): 727-30.

82. Inhibitory effect of trans-N-p-coumaroyl tryamine from the twigs of Celtis chinensis on the acetylcholinesterase.
Author(s): Kim Dae Keun, Lee Kieseung
Arch Pharm Res Sep, 2003; 26(9): 735-8.

83. Traditional oriental herbal medicine, Bakumondo-to, suppresses vagal neuro-effector transmission in guinea pig trachea.
Author(s): Aizawa H, Yoshida M, Inoue H, Hara N
J Asthma , 2003; 40(5): 497-503.

84. Vanishing into the hills of Burma: traditional Karen medicine.
Author(s): Neumann Cora
J Altern Complement Med Aug, 2003; 9(4): 461-5. No Abstract Available.

85. Effects of keishi-ka-jutsubu-to (traditional herbal medicine: Gui-zhi-jia-shu-fu-tang) on in vivo insulin action in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
Author(s): Qin Bolin, Nagasaki Masaru, Ren Ming, Bajotto Gustavo, Oshida Yoshiharu, Sato Yuzo
Life Sci Oct 10, 2003; 73(21): 2687-701.

86. Greening the blue mud!
Author(s): Kathiresan K
Rev Biol Trop null; 50(3-4): 869-74. No Abstract Available.

87. Flavonoids and phenol carboxylic acids in the oriental medicinal plant Astragalus membranaceus acclimated in Poland.
Author(s): Matkowski Adam, Wo?niak Dorota, Lamer-Zarawska Eliza, Oszmia?ski Jan, Leszczy?ska Anna
Z Naturforsch [C] null; 58(7-8): 602-4.

88. Induction of apoptosis by Paljin-Hangahmdan on human leukemia cells.
Author(s): Yi Jin-Mu, Kim Mi-Sun, Lee Eun-Hee, Wi Dae-Han, Lee Jai-Kyoo, Cho Kwang-Ho, Hong Seung-Heon, Kim Hyung-Min
J Ethnopharmacol Sep, 2003; 88(1): 79-83.

89. Introducing the Pranic Healing system to holistic nursing practice.
Author(s): Homan Rose
Beginnings null; 23(4): 10. No Abstract Available.

90. Screening and comparison of antioxidant activity of solvent extracts of herbal medicines used in Korea.
Author(s): Kang Dae Gill, Yun Chi keun, Lee Ho Sub
J Ethnopharmacol Aug, 2003; 87(2-3): 231-6.

91. Traditional medicines in modern societies: an exploration of integrationist options through East Asian experience.
Author(s): Holliday Ian
J Med Philos Jun, 2003; 28(3): 373-89.

92. Bombycis corpus extract (BCE) protects hippocampal neurons against excitatory amino acid-induced neurotoxicity.
Author(s): Koo Byung-Soo, An Hyun-Guk, Moon Sung-Kwon, Lee Young-Choon, Kim Hyung-Min, Ko Jeong-Heon, Kim Cheorl-Ho
Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol May, 2003; 25(2): 191-201.

93. Effects of topical instillation of traditional herbal medicines, herbal extracts, and their components on prostaglandin E2-induced aqueous flare elevation in pigmented rabbits.
Author(s): Nagaki Yasunori, Hayasaka Seiji, Zhang Xue-Yun, Hayasaka Yoriko, Nakamura Nobuo, Terasawa Katsutoshi
Jpn J Ophthalmol null; 47(3): 249-53.

94. Herba houttuyniae extract induces apoptotic death of human promyelocytic leukemia cells via caspase activation accompanied by dissipation of mitochondrial membrane potential and cytochrome c release.
Author(s): Kwon Kang-Beom, Kim Eun-Kyung, Shin Byung-Cheul, Seo Eun-A, Yang Jeong-Yeh, Ryu Do-Gon
Exp Mol Med Apr 30, 2003; 35(2): 91-7.

95. Abortion--it is for some women only! Hmong women's perceptions of abortion.
Author(s): Liamputtong Pranee
Health Care Women Int Mar, 2003; 24(3): 230-41.

96. Inhibitors of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression from Artemisia iwayomogi.
Author(s): Ahn Hanna, Kim Ji Yeon, Lee Hwa Jin, Kim Yong Kyun, Ryu Jae-Ha
Arch Pharm Res Apr, 2003; 26(4): 301-5.

97. Antioxidant principles of Nelumbo nucifera stamens.
Author(s): Jung Hyun Ah, Kim Jung Eun, Chung Hae Young, Choi Jae Sue
Arch Pharm Res Apr, 2003; 26(4): 279-85.

98. Prevention of macrophage-related inflammatory diseases by allergina.
Author(s): Han Sang B, Lee Chang W, Park Song K, Yoon Won K, Moon Jae S, Lee Ki H, Kim Hyung C, Kim Hwan M
Arch Pharm Res Apr, 2003; 26(4): 312-6.

99. The nature of touch therapy related to Ki: practitioners' perspective.
Author(s): Chang Sung Ok
Nurs Health Sci Jun, 2003; 5(2): 103-14.

100. Inhibitory effect of Sejin-Eum I/II on nicotine- and cigarette extract-induced cytotoxicity in human lung fibroblast.
Author(s): Jin Jong-Sik, Kim Mi-Sun, Yi Jin-Mu, Lee Joon-Ho, Lee Jong-Hyun, Moon Su-Jin, Jung Kyung-Phil, Lee Jai-Kyoo, An Nyeon-Hyoung, Kim Hyung-Min
J Ethnopharmacol May, 2003; 86(1): 15-20.

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