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November 23, 2005

Most Recent Medline Articles on "Medicine, Tibetan Traditional"

1. The challenge of cross-cultural clinical trials research: case report from the Tibetan Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China.
Author(s): Adams Vincanne, Miller Suellen, Craig Sienna, Samen Arlene, Nyima , Sonam , Droyoung , Lhakpen , Varner Michael
Med Anthropol Q Sep, 2005; 19(3): 267-89.

2. Perspectives of integration of Tibet medicine physical methods into the system of current rehabilitative medicine
Author(s): Razumov A N, Namsaraeva G T
Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult null; (2): 4-7. No Abstract Available.

3. Mechanisms of immunotropic effect of the drug composition Taban-Arshan (Tibet medicine) on lymphocytes of patients with early rheumatoid arthritis and atopic bronchial asthma
Author(s): Semenova L Iu, Salmasi Zh M, Kazimirski? A N, Poriadin G V
Patol Fiziol Eksp Ter null; (1): 23-5.

4. Aqueous extract from aerial parts of Artemisia vestita, a traditional Tibetan medicine, reduces contact sensitivity in mice by down-regulating the activation, adhesion and metalloproteinase production of T lymphocytes.
Author(s): Wang Jule, Sun Yang, Li Yihua, Xu Qiang
Int Immunopharmacol Feb, 2005; 5(2): 407-15.

5. Taban-Arshan: immunocorrector in atopic bronchial asthma.
Author(s): Semenova L Yu, Salmasi Zh M, Kazimirskii A N, Poryadin G V
Bull Exp Biol Med Jul, 2004; 138(1): 65-6.

6. Psychosocial distress of Tibetans in exile: integrating western interventions with traditional beliefs and practice.
Author(s): Mercer Stewart W, Ager Alastair, Ruwanpura Eshani
Soc Sci Med Jan, 2005; 60(1): 179-89.

7. Traditional Tibetan health care.
Author(s): Cameron M E
J Nurs Law Aug, 1999; 6(2): 33-42. No Abstract Available.

8. A Tibetan perspective on ethics, spirituality, and healing.
Author(s): Cameron Miriam E
J Prof Nurs null; 19(5): 245-6. No Abstract Available.

9. Effect of hepatophyt on the choleretic function of the liver damaged by tetracycline
Author(s): Nikolaev S M, Sambueva Z G, Chekhirova G V, Tsyrenzhalov A V
Antibiot Khimioter , 2003; 48(4): 24-6.

10. Alkaloids from a Tibetan medicine Meconopsis quintuplinervia Regel
Author(s): Shang Xiao-ya, Shi Jian-gong, Yang Yong-chun, Liu Xing, Li Chong, Zhang Cheng-zhong
Yao Xue Xue Bao Apr, 2003; 38(4): 276-8.

11. Treating Tibetan refugees in New York City: the healing work of a fellow refugee.
Author(s): Neumann Cora
J Altern Complement Med Apr, 2003; 9(2): 189-91. No Abstract Available.

12. Amulets and tears.
Author(s): Neumann Cora
J Altern Complement Med Feb, 2003; 9(1): 21-3. No Abstract Available.

13. Pharmacognostic studies of Tibetan medicine da-li
Author(s): Li Z, Zhang W, Hu X, Diqing J, Lurong C, Baima D
Zhong Yao Cai Jul, 1997; 20(7): 332-5.

14. Robert Thurman, PhD gifts from Tibetan medicine. Interview by Bonnie Horrigan.
Author(s): Thurman Robert
Altern Ther Health Med null; 9(1): 84-93. No Abstract Available.

15. Study of anti-inflammatory activity of Tibetan mushroom, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and fungi encapsulated into a polysaccharide matrix.
Author(s): Diniz R O, Garla L K, Schneedorf J M, Carvalho J C T
Pharmacol Res Jan, 2003; 47(1): 49-52.

16. Asian therapies for cancer--coming of age.
Author(s): Chang Raymond, White Jeffrey D
J Altern Complement Med Oct, 2002; 8(5): 541-3. No Abstract Available.

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