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November 23, 2005

Most Recent Medline Articles on "Meridians"

1. The relation between the acupoint structures and the clinical therapeutic effects.
Author(s): Ifrim-Chen Feng, Ifrim Mircea
Ital J Anat Embryol null; 110(1): 45-9.

2. Acupoints [corrected] and meridians: a histochemical study.
Author(s): Ifrim-Chen Feng, Ifrim Mircea
Ital J Anat Embryol null; 110(1): 51-7.

3. Effects of myofascial-meridian stimulation therapy (mmst) on shoulder pain.
Author(s): Cho Seong-Hyung, Shin Byung-Cheul, Kim Il-Hwan
Int J Neurosci Aug, 2005; 115(8): 1175-81.

4. A case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) successfully treated by acupuncture
Author(s): Suzuki Masao, Ohno Yasushi, Namura Kenji, Asai Toshihiro, Yuugetu Hideyuki, Sawada Masahiro, Akao Seigo, Gotou Kouji, Fujiwara Hisayoshi
Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi May, 2005; 43(5): 289-95.

5. Acupuncture analgesia and its application in cranio-maxillofacial surgical procedures.
Author(s): Pohodenko-Chudakova Irina O
J Craniomaxillofac Surg Apr, 2005; 33(2): 118-22.

6. Acupuncture treatment of compression neuropathy of the radial nerve: a single case report of "Saturday Night Palsy".
Author(s): Millea Paul J
J Altern Complement Med Feb, 2005; 11(1): 167-9.

7. Biophotonics in the infrared spectral range reveal acupuncture meridian structure of the body.
Author(s): Schlebusch Klaus-Peter, Maric-Oehler Walburg, Popp Fritz-Albert
J Altern Complement Med Feb, 2005; 11(1): 171-3.

8. The experimental research of Atractylodes macrocephala and Poria cocos on the meridian tropism theory in animals
Author(s): Wang Shu-rong, Wang Xin, Hu Shuang
Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi Nov, 2004; 29(11): 1076-9.

9. A birdcage model for the Chinese Meridian System: part I. A channel as a transmission line.
Author(s): Yung Kaung-Ti
Am J Chin Med , 2004; 32(5): 815-28.

10. A study of electrical conductance of meridian in the obese during weight reduction.
Author(s): Weng Ching-Sung, Hung Yu-Li, Shyu Liang-Yu, Chang Yung-Hsien
Am J Chin Med , 2004; 32(3): 417-25.

11. Moving flash-fire cupping along the channels--a new method for treating urticaria.
Author(s): Wang Wei
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2004; 24(2): 128. No Abstract Available.

12. Summary of academic conference on mainland-Taiwan integrative Western and Chinese medicine
Author(s): Xu Feng-qin
Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi Feb, 2004; 24(2): 190-2. No Abstract Available.

13. Perivascular space: possible anatomical substrate for the meridian.
Author(s): Ma Wentao, Tong Hua, Xu Weiya, Hu Jiming, Liu Nai, Li Hongyi, Cao Lianxin
J Altern Complement Med Dec, 2003; 9(6): 851-9.

14. Alternative method of gifted identification using the AMI: an apparatus for measuring internal meridians and their corresponding organs.
Author(s): Borg Heather
J Altern Complement Med Dec, 2003; 9(6): 861-7.

15. British Dental Acupuncture Society. Annual scientific meeting.
Author(s): Thayer Tom
SAAD Dig Spring, 2003; 20(1): 26-7. No Abstract Available.

16. Treatment of migraine with acupuncture at points pertaining to the liver and gallbladder channels.
Author(s): Li Wei, Deng Ganchu, Liu Yuanzhen, Liu Weiping, Zhong Guangwei, Wang Su'e, Wen Lingbo, Li Xuewen
J Tradit Chin Med Sep, 2003; 23(3): 205-6. No Abstract Available.

17. The control of somesthesia caused by neuroreflex stimulation: quantification of stimulus response as opposed to energy
Author(s): Abad-Alegr?a F, Pomar?n C, Barcala-Sim? M A
Rev Neurol null; 37(5): 421-5.

18. Ice massage for the reduction of labor pain.
Author(s): Waters Bette L, Raisler Jeanne
J Midwifery Womens Health null; 48(5): 317-21.

19. Umbilical diagnosis as a non-invasive visual diagnostic aide.
Author(s): Shimotsuura Yasuhiro, Nishimura Mitsuhiro, Kawabata Rikimaru, Ohki Motomu, Kawashima Hiroshi, Ichiki Masato, Matsunobu Takanori, Omura Yoshiaki
Acupunct Electrother Res , 2003; 28(1-2): 19-24.

20. A patient with MRSA infection to prosthesis of femoral head diagnosed non-invasively using bi-digital O-ring test: a clinical case report.
Author(s): Asou Tomnohiro, Hayashi Takuo, Jitsuiki Ikuko, Muneshige Hiroshi, Kimura Hiroaki, Nagatomi Akiyoshi, Kaseguma Emi
Acupunct Electrother Res , 2003; 28(1-2): 69-72.

21. Clinical application of the du channel.
Author(s): Liu Shuya, Wang Shijie
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2003; 23(2): 131-2. No Abstract Available.

22. Acupuncture for nausea: how does it work?
Author(s): Samuels Noah
Harefuah Apr, 2003; 142(4): 297-300, 316.

23. A new approach for exploring the essence of meridian
Author(s): Deng Qin-kai
Di Yi Jun Yi Da Xue Xue Bao May, 2003; 23(5): 409-13.

24. Bioenergetic activity of bioactive spots in patients with chronic iron-deficiency anemia depending on the degree of its severity
Author(s): Pesotskaia L A
Lik Sprava , 2002; (8): 102-5.

25. Influence of needling at yin-yang meridian points on cerebral glucose metabolism
Author(s): Dong Jing-cheng, Li Ji, Zuo Chuan-tao
Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi Feb, 2002; 22(2): 107-9.

26. Relationship of acupuncture points and meridians to connective tissue planes.
Author(s): Langevin Helene M, Yandow Jason A
Anat Rec Dec 15, 2002; 269(6): 257-65.

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