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November 23, 2005

Most Recent Medline Articles on "Acupuncture"

1. Documentation of acupuncture
Author(s): Dahl Ole
Ugeskr Laeger Oct 31, 2005; 167(44): 4199-200; author reply 4200. No Abstract Available.

2. Clinical trial of nitroglycerin-induced controlled hypotension with or without acupoint electrical stimulation in microscopic middle ear surgery under general anesthesia with halothane.
Author(s): Saghaei Mahmood, Ahmadi Arezou, Rezvani Mehran
Acta Anaesthesiol Taiwan Sep, 2005; 43(3): 135-9.

3. Chronic pain syndrome not caused by cancer--an overview
Author(s): Beyer A, Steinberger M
Dtsch Med Wochenschr Oct 14, 2005; 130(41): 2325-32; 2333-6. No Abstract Available.

4. Dr. Ramey remains unconvinced about acupuncture.
Author(s): Ramey David W
J Am Vet Med Assoc Oct 1, 2005; 227(7): 1064; author reply 1064-5. No Abstract Available.

5. The effect of acupuncture on musculoskeletal disorders
Author(s): Rosted Palle
Ugeskr Laeger Sep 19, 2005; 167(38): 3573-7.

6. Acupuncture-point stimulation for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.
Author(s): Ezzo Jeanette, Vickers Andrew, Richardson Mary Ann, Allen Claire, Dibble Suzanne L, Issell Brian, Lao Lixing, Pearl Michael, Ramirez Gilbert, Roscoe Joseph A, Shen Joannie, Shivnan Jane, Streitberger Konrad, Treish Imad, Zhang Grant
J Clin Oncol Oct 1, 2005; 23(28): 7188-98.

7. Does acupuncture need manualized protocols?
Author(s): Rubin Peter
Altern Ther Health Med null; 11(5): 14-5; author reply 15-6. No Abstract Available.

8. Obstetric analgesia in Norwegian hospitals
Author(s): Barratt-Due Andreas, Hagen Inger, Dahl Vegard
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen Sep 22, 2005; 125(18): 2504-6.

9. Acupuncture for subacute stroke rehabilitation: a Sham-controlled, subject- and assessor-blind, randomized trial.
Author(s): Park Jongbae, White Adrian R, James Martin A, Hemsley Anthony G, Johnson Paul, Chambers John, Ernst Edzard
Arch Intern Med Sep 26, 2005; 165(17): 2026-31.

10. Acupressure for prevention of pre-operative anxiety: a prospective, randomised, placebo controlled study.
Author(s): Agarwal A, Ranjan R, Dhiraaj S, Lakra A, Kumar M, Singh U
Anaesthesia Oct, 2005; 60(10): 978-81.

11. Comparisons of the effects of acupuncture, electroacupuncture, and transcutaneous cranial electrical stimulation on the minimum alveolar concentration of isoflurane in dogs.
Author(s): Culp Lindsey B, Skarda Roman T, Muir William W
Am J Vet Res Aug, 2005; 66(8): 1364-70.

12. Electroacupuncture therapy for weight loss reduces serum total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol levels in obese women.
Author(s): Cabio?lu Mehmet Tu?rul, Ergene Neyhan
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(4): 525-33.

13. A birdcage model for the Chinese meridian system: part III. Possible mechanism of magnetic therapy.
Author(s): Yung Kaung-Ti
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(4): 589-97.

14. Morphological studies on crushed sciatic nerve of rabbits with electroacupuncture or diclofenac sodium treatment.
Author(s): La Jie-Lian, Jalali Samina, Shami S A
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(4): 663-9.

15. Five-element acupuncture: a body-mind-spirit system of healing: an interview with Robert J. Abramson, DDS, MD, MAc. Interview by Sheldon Lewis.
Author(s): Abramson Robert J
Adv Mind Body Med Summer, 2005; 21(2): 19-21. No Abstract Available.

16. Effect of acupressure on nausea, vomiting, anxiety and pain among post-cesarean section women in Taiwan.
Author(s): Chen Huei-Mein, Chang Feng-Yi, Hsu Ching-Tai
Kaohsiung J Med Sci Aug, 2005; 21(8): 341-50.

17. Progress in researches on the effect of acupuncture in antagonizing oxygen stress.
Author(s): Li Zhong-ren, Shen Mei-hong, Peng Yong-jun
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 156-60.

18. Beyond standard pain relievers. Alternative treatments for muscle and joint pain.
Author(s): nu
Mayo Clin Womens Healthsource Sep, 2005; 9(9): 4-5. No Abstract Available.

19. Increases of intracranial pressure and changes of blood flow velocity due to acupressure, needle and laser needle acupuncture?
Author(s): Litscher Gerhard, Wang Lu, Schwarz Gerhard, Schikora Detlef
Forsch Komplementarmed Klass Naturheilkd Aug, 2005; 12(4): 190-5.

20. Ulcerative colitis treated by acupuncture at Jiaji points (EX-B2) and tapping with plum-blossom needle at Sanjiaoshu (BL22) and Dachangshu (BL 25)--a report of 43 cases.
Author(s): Yue Zhang, Zhenhui Yang
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 83-4. No Abstract Available.

21. Effect of blood-letting puncture at twelve well-points of hand on consciousness and heart rate in patients with apoplexy.
Author(s): Yi Guo, Xiuyun Wang, Tangping Xu, Zhihua Dai, Yunchen Li
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 85-9.

22. Acupuncture treatment of simple obesity.
Author(s): Qunli Wei, Zhicheng Liu
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 90-4.

23. The moxibustion sensations and the therapeutic effects.
Author(s): Yuanchun Xiao, Liang Fang
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 95-6.

24. Electro-acupuncture and block therapy combined with traction for treatment of cervical dysopia.
Author(s): Feizhou Jiang, Gengchuang Zhu
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 97-8. No Abstract Available.

25. Acupuncture and Chinese patent drugs for treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.
Author(s): Lijue Zhao
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 99-101. No Abstract Available.

26. Clinical observation on treatment of auditory hallucinosis by electroacupuncture: a report of 30 cases.
Author(s): Hong Lin, Cheng Li
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 102-3. No Abstract Available.

27. One hundred and eighty-nine cases of acute articular soft tissue injury treated by blood-letting puncture with plum-blossom needle and cupping.
Author(s): Erqing Dai, Haiying Li, Zhankao Zhao
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 104-5. No Abstract Available.

28. Acupuncture treatment of depressive syndrome.
Author(s): Tao Huang
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 106-7. No Abstract Available.

29. The pathogenesis of climacteric syndrome and principle of acupuncture treatment based on TCM theory about brain.
Author(s): Xiaoming Shen, Du Yuanhao, Shi Xuemin
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 108-13.

30. Effects of medicinal cake-separated moxibustion on plasma 6-keto-PGF1alpha and TXB2 contents in the rabbit of hyperlipemia.
Author(s): Xiaorong Chang, Jie Yan, Zenghui Yue, Jing Shen, Yaping Lin, Shouxiang Yi, Xiangping Cao
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 145-7.

31. How to use external treatment measures to cure hiccup.
Author(s): Xianguo Hu, Xueci Xu
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 160. No Abstract Available.

32. Acupuncture studies. "The scientific standards were very high"
Author(s): Willich S N, Witt C, Brinkhaus B
MMW Fortschr Med Aug 4, 2005; 147(31-32): 12-3. No Abstract Available.

33. Critics slam draft WHO report on homoeopathy.
Author(s): McCarthy Michael
Lancet null; 366(9487): 705-6. No Abstract Available.

34. Acupuncture aids overactive bladder.
Author(s): nu
Health News Sep, 2005; 11(9): 6. No Abstract Available.

35. Chronic pain: physiological, diagnostic, and management considerations.
Author(s): Hainline Brian
Psychiatr Clin North Am Sep, 2005; 28(3): 713-35, 731.

36. Modifications of sympathetic tone induced by acupuncture reflex. Sympathetic electrical response and stimulus of 6PC
Author(s): Abad-Alegr?a F, Pomar?n C, Aznar C, Mu?oz C, Adelantado S
Rev Neurol null; 31(6): 511-4.

37. Acupuncture complication--a case report.
Author(s): Patrick Bernard S
J Miss State Med Assoc Jul, 2005; 46(7): 195-7.

38. Improved capsulotomy for refractory Tourette's syndrome.
Author(s): Sun Bomin, Krahl Scott E, Zhan Shikun, Shen Jiankang
Stereotact Funct Neurosurg , 2005; 83(2-3): 55-6.

39. Acupressure and preoperative parental anxiety: a pilot study.
Author(s): Wang Shu-Ming, Gaal Dorothy, Maranets Inna, Caldwell-Andrews Alison, Kain Zeev N
Anesth Analg Sep, 2005; 101(3): 666-9, table of contents.

40. Timing of acupuncture stimulation.
Author(s): Bagley Warren P
Anesth Analg Sep, 2005; 101(3): 927; author reply 927-8. No Abstract Available.

41. Migraine and tension headache--a complementary and alternative medicine approach.
Author(s): Woolhouse Michelle
Aust Fam Physician Aug, 2005; 34(8): 647-51.

42. Survey questions safety of alternative medicine.
Author(s): Abbott Alison
Nature Aug 18, 2005; 436(7053): 898. No Abstract Available.

43. Brain stem mechanisms underlying acupuncture modality-related modulation of cardiovascular responses in rats.
Author(s): Zhou Wei Yi Syuu, Tjen-A-Looi Stephanie C, Longhurst John C
J Appl Physiol Sep, 2005; 99(3): 851-60.

44. Acupuncture in patients with tension-type headache: randomised controlled trial.
Author(s): Melchart Dieter, Streng Andrea, Hoppe Andrea, Brinkhaus Benno, Witt Claudia, Wagenpfeil Stefan, Pfaffenrath Volker, Hammes Michael, Hummelsberger Josef, Irnich Dominik, Weidenhammer Wolfgang, Willich Stefan N, Linde Klaus
BMJ Aug 13, 2005; 331(7513): 376-82.

45. A comparison of physician and nonphysician acupuncture treatment for chronic low back pain.
Author(s): Kalauokalani Donna, Cherkin Daniel C, Sherman Karen J
Clin J Pain null; 21(5): 406-11.

46. Multiloculated pleural empyema following acupuncture.
Author(s): Vucicevic Z, Sharma M, Miklic S, Ferencic Z
Infection Aug, 2005; 33(4): 297-8. No Abstract Available.

47. Application of acupressure in nursing practice.
Author(s): Maa Suh-Hwa
Hu Li Za Zhi Aug, 2005; 52(4): 5-10.

48. Full of holes. The curious case of acupuncture.
Author(s): Shermer Michael
Sci Am Aug, 2005; 293(2): 30. No Abstract Available.

49. Circulating estradiol and hypothalamic corticotrophin releasing hormone enhances along with time after ovariectomy in rats: effects of electroacupuncture.
Author(s): Zhao Hong, Tian Zhanzhuang, Feng Yi, Chen Boying
Neuropeptides Aug, 2005; 39(4): 433-8.

50. Pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy.
Author(s): Stones R William, Vits Kathleen
BMJ Jul 30, 2005; 331(7511): 249-50. No Abstract Available.

51. Development of a system and improvement of the stimulus pattern to discriminate the acupuncture point and meridians.
Author(s): Lee Yong-Heum, Jeong Dong-Myong, Jeong Sang-Yong, Lee Myeong Soo
Int J Neurosci Jul, 2005; 115(7): 989-1002.

52. Electroacupuncture reduces rectal distension-induced blood pressure changes in conscious dogs.
Author(s): Iwa Masahiro, Strickland Carmen, Nakade Yukiomi, Pappas Theodore N, Takahashi Toku
Dig Dis Sci Jul, 2005; 50(7): 1264-70.

53. Evaluation of electroacupuncture treatment of horses with signs of chronic thoracolumbar pain.
Author(s): Xie Huisheng, Colahan Patrick, Ott Edgar A
J Am Vet Med Assoc Jul 15, 2005; 227(2): 281-6.

54. Unproven techniques in allergy diagnosis.
Author(s): W?thrich B
J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol , 2005; 15(2): 86-90.

55. Erythema nodosum induced by the synergism of acupuncture therapy and flu-like infection.
Author(s): Inoue Tomoko, Katoh Norito, Kishimoto Saburo
J Dermatol Jun, 2005; 32(6): 493-6.

56. Effects of acupuncture on heart rate variability in normal subjects under fatigue and non-fatigue state.
Author(s): Li Zengyong, Wang Chengtao, Mak Arthur F T, Chow Daniel H K
Eur J Appl Physiol Aug, 2005; 94(5-6): 633-40.

57. The relation between the acupoint structures and the clinical therapeutic effects.
Author(s): Ifrim-Chen Feng, Ifrim Mircea
Ital J Anat Embryol null; 110(1): 45-9.

58. Acupoints [corrected] and meridians: a histochemical study.
Author(s): Ifrim-Chen Feng, Ifrim Mircea
Ital J Anat Embryol null; 110(1): 51-7.

59. Effects of myofascial-meridian stimulation therapy (mmst) on shoulder pain.
Author(s): Cho Seong-Hyung, Shin Byung-Cheul, Kim Il-Hwan
Int J Neurosci Aug, 2005; 115(8): 1175-81.

60. Acupuncture accelerates delayed gastrointestinal transit after abdominal surgery in conscious rats.
Author(s): Balestrini Jose L, Tsuchida Daisuke, Fukuda Hiroyuki, Pappas Theodore N, Takahashi Toku
Scand J Gastroenterol Jun, 2005; 40(6): 734-5. No Abstract Available.

61. Long-term improvement in pain coping for cLBP and gonarthrosis patients following body needle acupuncture: a prospective cohort study.
Author(s): Kukuk P, Lungenhausen M, Molsberger A, Endres H G
Eur J Med Res Jun 22, 2005; 10(6): 263-72.

62. The effects of single acupuncture treatment in horses with severe recurrent airway obstruction.
Author(s): Lankenau C
Equine Vet J Jul, 2005; 37(4): 359; author reply 359. No Abstract Available.

63. Acupuncture for insomnia in pregnancy--a prospective, quasi-randomised, controlled study.
Author(s): da Silva Jo?o Bosco Guerreiro, Nakamura Mary Uchiyama, Cordeiro Jos? Antonio, Kulay Luiz J?nior
Acupunct Med Jun, 2005; 23(2): 47-51.

64. Effect of intensive acupuncture on pain-related social and psychological variables for women with chronic neck and shoulder pain--an RCT with six month and three year follow up.
Author(s): He Dong, H?stmark Arne T, Veiersted Kaj Bo, Medb? Jon Ingulf
Acupunct Med Jun, 2005; 23(2): 52-61.

65. The effectiveness of acupuncture for depression--a systematic review of randomised controlled trials.
Author(s): Mukaino Yoshito, Park Jongbae, White Adrian, Ernst Edzard
Acupunct Med Jun, 2005; 23(2): 70-6.

66. Acupuncture for acute postoperative pain relief in a patient with pregnancy-induced thrombocytopenia--a case report.
Author(s): Oomman Susmita, Liu David, Cummings Mike
Acupunct Med Jun, 2005; 23(2): 83-5.

67. Effects of electroacupuncture on expression of somatostatin and preprosomatostatin mRNA in dorsal root ganglions and spinal dorsal horn in neuropathic pain rats.
Author(s): Dong Zhi-Qiang, Xie Hong, Ma Fei, Li Wei-Min, Wang Yan-Qing, Wu Gen-Cheng
Neurosci Lett Sep 16, 2005; 385(3): 189-94.

68. Repeated 2 Hz peripheral electrical stimulations suppress morphine-induced CPP and improve spatial memory ability in rats.
Author(s): Chen Ji-Huan, Liang Jing, Wang Gui-Bin, Han Ji-Sheng, Cui Cai-Lian
Exp Neurol Aug, 2005; 194(2): 550-6.

69. Inhibition of transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations by electrical acupoint stimulation.
Author(s): Zou Duowu, Chen Wei Hao, Iwakiri Katsuhiko, Rigda Rachael, Tippett Marcus, Holloway Richard H
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol Aug, 2005; 289(2): G197-201.

70. Acupuncture and kidney disease.
Author(s): Garcia Gabriela E, Ma Sheng-Xing, Feng Lili
Adv Chronic Kidney Dis Jul, 2005; 12(3): 282-91.

71. Acupuncture: not just needles?
Author(s): Moore Andrew, McQuay Henry
Lancet null; 366(9480): 100-1. No Abstract Available.

72. Acupuncture in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee: a randomised trial.
Author(s): Witt C, Brinkhaus B, Jena S, Linde K, Streng A, Wagenpfeil S, Hummelsberger J, Walther H U, Melchart D, Willich S N
Lancet null; 366(9480): 136-43.

73. Needling the body to health: acupuncture and weight loss.
Author(s): Donnelly Gloria F
Holist Nurs Pract null; 19(4): 143. No Abstract Available.

74. Summaries for patients. Acupuncture to treat fibromyalgia pain.
Author(s): nu
Ann Intern Med Jul 5, 2005; 143(1): I24. No Abstract Available.

75. A randomized clinical trial of acupuncture compared with sham acupuncture in fibromyalgia.
Author(s): Assefi Nassim P, Sherman Karen J, Jacobsen Clemma, Goldberg Jack, Smith Wayne R, Buchwald Dedra
Ann Intern Med Jul 5, 2005; 143(1): 10-9.

76. Successful removal of migrated acupuncture needles in a patient with cardiac tamponade by means of intraoperative transesophageal echocardiographic assistance.
Author(s): Park Jae-Hyeong, Shin Hong Ju, Choo Suk Jung, Song Jae Kwan, Kim Jae-Joong
J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg Jul, 2005; 130(1): 210-2. No Abstract Available.

77. An integrative approach to asthma.
Author(s): Hassed Craig
Aust Fam Physician Jul, 2005; 34(7): 573-6.

78. The association between the DRD2 TaqI A polymorphism and smoking cessation in response to acupuncture in Koreans.
Author(s): Park Hi-Joon, Kim Seung-Tae, Yoon Dong-Hak, Jin Soo Hee, Lee Su-Jin, Lee Hye Jung, Lim Sabina
J Altern Complement Med Jun, 2005; 11(3): 401-5.

79. Transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation versus ondansetron in the prevention of postoperative vomiting following pediatric tonsillectomy.
Author(s): Kabalak Ayla A, Akcay Murat, Akcay Feryal, Gogus Nermin
J Altern Complement Med Jun, 2005; 11(3): 407-13.

80. Effects of nitric oxide and noradrenergic function on skin electric resistance of acupoints and meridians.
Author(s): Chen Jia-Xu, Ma Sheng-Xing
J Altern Complement Med Jun, 2005; 11(3): 423-31.

81. Complementary and alternative medicine for low-back pain in pregnancy: a cross-sectional survey.
Author(s): Wang Shu-Ming, DeZinno Peggy, Fermo Leona, William Keith, Caldwell-Andrews Alison A, Bravemen Ferne, Kain Zeev N
J Altern Complement Med Jun, 2005; 11(3): 459-64.

82. Practice styles of beginner practitioners.
Author(s): Ryan J Damien
J Altern Complement Med Jun, 2005; 11(3): 477-82.

83. Convulsive syncope: an unusual complication of acupuncture treatment in older patients.
Author(s): Kung Yen-Ying, Chen Fang-Pey, Hwang Shinn-Jang, Hsieh Jen-Chuen, Lin Yung-Yang
J Altern Complement Med Jun, 2005; 11(3): 535-7.

84. Integrating complementary therapies into community mental health practice: an exploration.
Author(s): Collinge William, Wentworth Roberta, Sabo Sherry
J Altern Complement Med Jun, 2005; 11(3): 569-74.

85. Acupuncture for overactive bladder: a randomized controlled trial.
Author(s): Emmons Sandra L, Otto Lesley
Obstet Gynecol Jul, 2005; 106(1): 138-43.

86. Acupuncture for irritable bowel syndrome: a blinded placebo-controlled trial.
Author(s): Forbes Alastair, Jackson Sue, Walter Clare, Quraishi Shafi, Jacyna Meron, Pitcher Max
World J Gastroenterol Jul 14, 2005; 11(26): 4040-4.

87. Electroacupuncture in obese women: a randomized, controlled pilot study.
Author(s): Hsu Chung-Hua, Hwang Kung-Chang, Chao Chung-Liang, Chang Hen-Hong, Chou Pesus
J Womens Health (Larchmt) Jun, 2005; 14(5): 434-40.

88. Acupuncture can be a contribution in the treatment of postpartum depression
Author(s): Rosted Palle, J?rgensen Viggo Rask Kragh
Ugeskr Laeger May 16, 2005; 167(20): 2203. No Abstract Available.

89. Complementary and alternative therapies for cerebral palsy.
Author(s): Liptak Gregory S
Ment Retard Dev Disabil Res Rev , 2005; 11(2): 156-63.

90. Electroacupuncture suppresses spinal expression of neurokinin-1 receptors induced by persistent inflammation in rats.
Author(s): Zhang Rui-Xin, Liu Bing, Qiao Jian-Tian, Wang Linbo, Ren Ke, Berman Brian M, Lao Lixing
Neurosci Lett Aug 26, 2005; 384(3): 339-43.

91. Acupuncture for the relief of cancer-related pain--a systematic review.
Author(s): Lee Hyangsook, Schmidt Katja, Ernst Edzard
Eur J Pain Aug, 2005; 9(4): 437-44.

92. Electroacupuncture prevents cognitive deficits in pilocarpine-epileptic rats.
Author(s): Dos Santos Jair Guilherme, Tabosa Angela, do Monte Fabr?cio Hoffmann Martins, Blanco Mirian Marcela, de Oliveira Freire Anafl?via, Mello Luiz Eug?nio
Neurosci Lett Aug 26, 2005; 384(3): 234-8.

93. A systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials on physical interventions for lateral epicondylalgia.
Author(s): Bisset L, Paungmali A, Vicenzino B, Beller E
Br J Sports Med Jul, 2005; 39(7): 411-22; discussion 411-22.

94. The use of preventive strategies for bone loss.
Author(s): Xu Hong, Lawson David, Kras Annette, Ryan Damien
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(2): 299-306.

95. Atropine-induced HRV alteration is not amended by electroacupuncture on Zusanli.
Author(s): Chang Chi-Hsien, Huang Jin-Long, Ting Chih-Tai, Chang Chi-Sen, Chen Gran-Hum
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(2): 307-14.

96. Deqi sensation between the acupuncture-experienced and the na?ve: a Korean study II.
Author(s): Park Jongbae, Park Hijoon, Lee Hyangsook, Lim Sabina, Ahn Kyooseok, Lee Hyejung
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(2): 329-37.

97. Research review: the effect of acupressure with massage on fatigue and depression in patients with end-stage renal disease.
Author(s): McDougall Graham J
Geriatr Nurs null; 26(3): 164-5. No Abstract Available.

98. A case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) successfully treated by acupuncture
Author(s): Suzuki Masao, Ohno Yasushi, Namura Kenji, Asai Toshihiro, Yuugetu Hideyuki, Sawada Masahiro, Akao Seigo, Gotou Kouji, Fujiwara Hisayoshi
Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi May, 2005; 43(5): 289-95.

99. Climacteric disorders: more research on different therapeutic alternatives is necessary--acupuncture included
Author(s): Wyon Yvonne, Nedstrand Elizabeth, Hammar Mats
Lakartidningen null; 102(21): 1664, 1666; discussion 1666-7. No Abstract Available.

100. Acupuncture in the treatment of xerostomia: clinical report.
Author(s): Morganstein Warren M
Gen Dent null; 53(3): 223-6; quiz 227.

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