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November 23, 2005

Most Recent Medline Articles on "Medicine, Herbal"

1. An evaluation of residual organochlorine pesticides in popular Indian herbal teas.
Author(s): Naithani Vijay, Kakkar Poonam
Arch Environ Health Aug, 2004; 59(8): 426-30.

2. A case of acute cholestatic hepatitis associated with the seeds of Psoralea corylifolia (Boh-Gol-Zhee).
Author(s): Nam Soon Woo, Baek Jong Tae, Lee Dong Soo, Kang Sang Bum, Ahn Byung Min, Chung Kyu Won
Clin Toxicol (Phila) , 2005; 43(6): 589-91.

3. Role of plants: confined to nutrition and therapy. Proceedings of a conference, 7 May 2004, Rome, Italy
Author(s): nu
Ann Ist Super Sanita , 2005; 41(1): 1-123. No Abstract Available.

4. Pharmacokinetics of TJ-8117(Onpi-to), a drug for renal failure (II): effects of food, repeated administration and renal failure to plasma concentration of [3H]-(-)epicatechin 3-O-gallate in rats.
Author(s): Takizawa Yukiho, Morita Toshimi, Fujitsuka Naoki, Kido Akiko, Shindou Shouichirou, Tomisawa Hiroki, Kase Yoshio, Takeda Shuichi, Aburada Masaki, Miyamoto Ke?tchi
Eur J Drug Metab Pharmacokinet null; 30(3): 175-80.

5. Effects of Xiaoyu tablet on blood lipid and lipoproteins in hyperlipidemic rabbits with atherosclerosis.
Author(s): Xie Mei-Lin, Gu Zhen-lun, Zhu Lu-jia
Chin Med J (Engl) Oct 5, 2005; 118(19): 1651-3. No Abstract Available.

6. Pharmacology of Sinupret. Recent results on the rational for the Sinupret compound
Author(s): Ismail C
HNO May, 2005; 53 Suppl 1: S38-42.

7. Effectiveness of kampo medicine gorei-san-ryo for chronic subdural hematoma in very elderly patients
Author(s): Muramatsu Masatoshi, Yoshikawa Tatsuya, Hanabusa Kenichiro
No Shinkei Geka Oct, 2005; 33(10): 965-9.

8. Food supplements and herbal medicines.
Author(s): Eberhardie Christine
Nurs Stand null; 20(3): 52-6.

9. Regulative effects of Chinese herb-compound on blood rheology and circulatory system of rabbits under simulated weightlessness
Author(s): Shi Hong-zhi, Li Yong-zhi, Shen Xian-yun, Fan Quan-chun, Bai Gui-e
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing) Aug, 2005; 18(4): 251-4.

10. Effects of Ligustrazine and Radix Astragali on activities of myosin adenosine triphosphatase of soleus muscle and muscle atrophy in tail-suspended rats
Author(s): Gao Yun-fang, Fan Xiao-li, He Zhi-xian, Wu Su-di, Song Xin-ai
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing) Aug, 2005; 18(4): 262-6.

11. Prevention of Rhodiola-astragalus membranaceus compounds against simulated plateau hypoxia brain injury in rat
Author(s): Zhu Li, Shi Zhong-yuan, Wu Xiao-mei, Zhang Zhi-jun, Jin Shu-yi
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing) Aug, 2005; 18(4): 303-5.

12. Kinetic difference of berberine between hippocampus and plasma in rat after intravenous administration of Coptidis rhizoma extract.
Author(s): Wang Xueli, Wang Rufeng, Xing Dongming, Su Hui, Ma Chao, Ding Yi, Du Lijun
Life Sci Oct 28, 2005; 77(24): 3058-67.

13. Luminous quack doctor
Author(s): nu
Schweiz Rundsch Med Prax Sep 21, 2005; 94(38): 1497. No Abstract Available.

14. Questionable methods in cancer therapy
Author(s): Jirillo Antonio, Falci Cristina
Recenti Prog Med null; 96(7-8): 344-51.

15. Differential control of growth, cell cycle progression, and expression of NF-kappaB in human breast cancer cells MCF-7, MCF-10A, and MDA-MB-231 by ponicidin and oridonin, diterpenoids from the chinese herb Rabdosia rubescens.
Author(s): Hsieh Tze-Chen, Wijeratne E Kithsiri, Liang Jing-Yu, Gunatilaka A Leslie, Wu Joseph M
Biochem Biophys Res Commun Nov 11, 2005; 337(1): 224-31.

16. Characterization of gingerol-related compounds in ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) by high-performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.
Author(s): Jiang Hongliang, S?lyom Anik? M, Timmermann Barbara N, Gang David R
Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom , 2005; 19(20): 2957-64.

17. The future of complementary and alternative medicine for cancer.
Author(s): Kronenberg Fredi, Mindes Janet, Jacobson Judith S
Cancer Invest , 2005; 23(5): 420-6.

18. An approach to develop two-dimensional fingerprint for the quality control of Qingkailing injection by high-performance liquid chromatography with diode array detection.
Author(s): Yan Shi-Kai, Xin Wen-Feng, Luo Guo-An, Wang Yi-Ming, Cheng Yi-Yu
J Chromatogr A Oct 7, 2005; 1090(1-2): 90-7.

19. Alleviation of aflatoxin B1-induced oxidative stress in HepG2 cells by volatile extract from Allii Fistulosi Bulbus.
Author(s): Lee Joon-Kyoung, Choi Eun Hye, Lee Kwang-Geun, Chun Hyang Sook
Life Sci Oct 21, 2005; 77(23): 2896-910.

20. Herbal products and chronic kidney disease.
Author(s): nu
Nephrol News Issues Sep, 2005; 19(10): S1, S8. No Abstract Available.

21. Kidney disease and the use of herbs.
Author(s): nu
Nephrol News Issues Sep, 2005; 19(10): S3, S6. No Abstract Available.

22. Quest to slow kidney failure leads to vitamin and herb use.
Author(s): nu
Nephrol News Issues Sep, 2005; 19(10): S4-5. No Abstract Available.

23. Q & A: ask the experts.
Author(s): Dahl Naomi V
Nephrol News Issues Sep, 2005; 19(10): S7-8. No Abstract Available.

24. Alternative herbal medicine in urology
Author(s): Peyr? Rey E
Actas Urol Esp null; 29(7): 721. No Abstract Available.

25. Efficient production and recovery of diterpenoid tanshinones in Salvia miltiorrhiza hairy root cultures with in situ adsorption, elicitation and semi-continuous operation.
Author(s): Yan Qiong, Hu Zongding, Tan Ren Xiang, Wu Jianyong
J Biotechnol Oct 10, 2005; 119(4): 416-24.

26. Sheng mai san, a Chinese herbal medicine, protects against renal ischaemic injury during heat stroke in the rat.
Author(s): Lee I Y, Lee C C, Chang C K, Chien C H, Lin M T
Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol Sep, 2005; 32(9): 742-8.

27. A novel in vitro endothelium-dependent vascular relaxant effect of Apocynum venetum leaf extract.
Author(s): Kwan Chiu-Yin, Zhang Wen-Bo, Nishibe Sansei, Seo Shujiro
Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol Sep, 2005; 32(9): 789-95.

28. Effect of an herbal formula containing Ganoderma lucidum on reduction of herpes zoster pain: a pilot clinical trial.
Author(s): Hijikata Yasuyo, Yasuhara Akihiro, Sahashi Yuko
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(4): 517-23.

29. "Tien-Hsien liquid" can modulate antigen-stimulated cytokine production by T-cells isolated from patients with recurrent aphthous ulcerations.
Author(s): Sun Andy, Chia Jean-San, Wang Won-Bo, Chiang Chun-Pin
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(4): 559-71.

30. Gastrodia elata BL mediates the suppression of nNOS and microglia activation to protect against neuronal damage in kainic acid-treated rats.
Author(s): Hsieh Ching-Liang, Chen Chi-Long, Tang Nou-Ying, Chuang Chin-Min, Hsieh Ching-Tou, Chiang Su-Yin, Lin Jaung-Geng, Hsu Sheng-Feng
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(4): 599-611.

31. The study of Chinese medicinal herbal formula Shen San Fang in the treatment of experimental IgA nephropathy.
Author(s): Zhong Qing, Leung Joseph C K, Chan Loretta Y Y, Tsang Anita W L, Chen Xian, Lai Kar Neng
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(4): 613-26.

32. Long-term oral administration of ginseng extract modulates humoral immune response and spleen cell functions.
Author(s): Liou Chian-Jiun, Huang Wen-Chung, Tseng Jerming
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(4): 651-61.

33. The rainforest of Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, is endowed with several medicinal plants species.
Author(s): Wiart C, Akaho E, Hannah M, Yassim M, Hamimah H, Au T S, Sulaiman M
Am J Chin Med , 2005; 33(4): 683-5. No Abstract Available.

34. Separation and determination of toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids in traditional Chinese herbal medicines by micellar electrokinetic chromatography with organic modifier.
Author(s): Yu Lijun, Xu Yan, Feng Huatao, Li Sam Fong Yau
Electrophoresis Sep, 2005; 26(17): 3397-404.

35. Do herbs increase the risk of herb-drug interactions for patients with arthritis?
Author(s): Thomsen M, Schmidt M, Vitetta L, Sali A
Ann Rheum Dis Oct, 2005; 64(10): 1527; author reply 1528. No Abstract Available.

36. Understanding the grapefruit-drug interaction.
Author(s): Flanagan Dennis
Gen Dent null; 53(4): 282-5; quiz 286.

37. Effects of alpha-hederin and thymoquinone, constituents of Nigella sativa, on human cancer cell lines.
Author(s): Rooney Sara, Ryan M F
Anticancer Res null; 25(3B): 2199-204.

38. Efficacy and tolerability of anti-asthma herbal medicine intervention in adult patients with moderate-severe allergic asthma.
Author(s): Wen Ming-Chun, Wei Chun-Hua, Hu Zhao-Qiu, Srivastava Kamal, Ko Jimmy, Xi Su-Ting, Mu Dong-Zhen, Du Ji-Bin, Li Guo-Hua, Wallenstein Sylvan, Sampson Hugh, Kattan Meyer, Li Xiu-Min
J Allergy Clin Immunol Sep, 2005; 116(3): 517-24.

39. Herb-drug interactions: interactions between kava and prescription medications.
Author(s): Bressler Rubin
Geriatrics Sep, 2005; 60(9): 24-5.

40. Determination of carbamate insecticides in Chinese medicinal herbs by gas chromatography with a nitrogen-phosphorus detector.
Author(s): Wu Jialun, Li Liqing, Zou Yaohua
J AOAC Int null; 88(4): 1261-4.

41. Advance of the research on Tripterygium Wilfordii Hook f. to a new height.
Author(s): Qin Wan-zhang, Lin Jian
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 87-8. No Abstract Available.

42. Retrospect and prospect of studies on Tripterygium Wilfordii Hook f.
Author(s): Yang Fang, Dong Xing-gang, An Zeng-mei, Wu Guo-qin, Zhang Li-juan, Gong Ning-bo, Gu Tong-nan
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 89-96. No Abstract Available.

43. A clinical study of Yigu capsule in treating postmenopausal osteoporosis.
Author(s): Zhang Rong-hua, Chen Ke-ji, Lu Da-xiang, Zhu Xiao-feng, Ma Xiao-chang
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 97-103.

44. Clinical study on treatment of primary hepatocellular carcinoma by Shenqi mixture combined with microwave coagulation.
Author(s): Lin Jian-jun, Jin Chang-nan, Zheng Min-lin, Ouyang Xue-nong, Zeng Jin-xiong, Dai Xi-hu
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 104-10.

45. Clinical observation and mechanism study on treatment of senile dementia with Naohuandan.
Author(s): Meng Rong-sen, Li Qing-ming, Wei Chang-xiu, Chen Bo, Liao Hong-ying, Zhou Yu-tian
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 111-6.

46. The state of insulin resistance in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver and the intervention with Gankangyin.
Author(s): Deng Yin-quan, Fan Xiao-fen, Li Jian-ping
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 117-22.

47. Comparative study of the effect of Shugan Shuru Granule on pathology and p53 gene expression in patients with hyperplastic disease of breast.
Author(s): Wang Cheng-xin, Huang Xuan, Zhao Xiao-ling, Deng Hao
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 123-7.

48. Effect of Xuesaitong soft capsule on hemorrheology and in auxiliarily treating patients with acute cerebral infarction.
Author(s): Zhong Shang-qian, Sun Li-jing, Yan Yu-zhen, Sun Yan-qin, Zhong Yin-yuan
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 128-31.

49. Effects of L.F04, the active fraction of Lycopus lucidus, on erythrocytes rheological property.
Author(s): Shi Hong-zhi, Gao Nan-nan, Li Yong-zhi, Yu Jing-guang, Fan Quan-chun, Bai Gui-e, Xin Bing-mu
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 132-5.

50. Change of TH1/TH2 cytokine equilibrium in rats with severe sepsis and therapeutic effect of recombinant interleukin-12 and Shenmai injection.
Author(s): Yu Yong-hao, Cui Nai-qiang, Fu Qiang, Li Jun
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 136-41.

51. Effects of Tribuli saponins on left ventricular remodeling after acute myocardial infarction in rats with hyperlipidemia.
Author(s): Guo Yan, Yin Hui-jun, Shi Da-zhuo, Chen Ke-ji
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 142-6.

52. Comparative observation on the effects of Radix tripterygium hypoglaucum tablet and Tripterygium glycosides tablet in treating erosive oral lichen planus.
Author(s): Lin Li-mei, Qi Xiang-min
Chin J Integr Med Jun, 2005; 11(2): 149-50.

53. Herbal treatment for HIV/AIDS not recommended.
Author(s): Ahmad Khabir
Lancet Infect Dis Sep, 2005; 5(9): 537. No Abstract Available.

54. Effect of Gui Zhi decoction on enteric mucosal immune in mice with collagen-induced arthritis.
Author(s): Zhou Gui-Qin, Zhao Ning, Zhang Hao, Jia Hong-Wei, Zhang Wan-Dong, Zhao Lin-Hua, Lu Cheng, He Ying-Hui, Lu Ai-Ping
World J Gastroenterol Sep 14, 2005; 11(34): 5373-6.

55. Long-term preservation of human saphenous vein by green tea polyphenol under physiological conditions.
Author(s): Han Dong-Wook, Park Young Hwan, Kim Jeong Koo, Jung Tae Gon, Lee Kwon-Yong, Hyon Suong-Hyu, Park Jong-Chul
Tissue Eng null; 11(7-8): 1054-64.

56. Liuweidihuang-tang improves spatial memory function and increases neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus in rats.
Author(s): Lee Kwang-Sik, Lim Baek-Vin, Chang Hyun-Kyung, Yang Hye-Young, Bahn Geon-Ho, Paik Eun-Kyung, Park Jae-Hyung, Kim Chang-Ju
Fitoterapia Sep, 2005; 76(6): 514-9.

57. Effects of SKI306X on arachidonate metabolism and other inflammatory mediators.
Author(s): Kim Joo-Hyon, Ryu Keun-Ho, Jung Ki-Won, Han Chang-Kyun, Kwak Wie-Jong, Cho Yong-Baik
Biol Pharm Bull Sep, 2005; 28(9): 1615-20.

58. Immuno-regulatory effects of CKBM on the activities of mitogen-activated protein kinases and the release of cytokines in THP-1 monocytic cells.
Author(s): Chan Anthony Siu Lung, Yip Eric Chun-Hung, Yung Lisa Ying, Pang Haihong, Luk Sharon Chui-Wah, Pang Shiu Fun, Wong Yung Hou
Biol Pharm Bull Sep, 2005; 28(9): 1645-50.

59. Acupuncture and Chinese patent drugs for treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.
Author(s): Lijue Zhao
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 99-101. No Abstract Available.

60. Dr. Zhang Zhijun's experience in treating stroke with medicinal insects.
Author(s): Liling Zhang, Gang Zhang, Liping Zhang
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 114-6. No Abstract Available.

61. Dr. Lu Renhe's experience in treating latent nephritis with traditional Chinese medicine.
Author(s): Chen Jie
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 117-21. No Abstract Available.

62. Prof. Li Yueqing's experience in treating male infertility.
Author(s): Haisong Li
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 122-4. No Abstract Available.

63. Clinical observation on 96 cases of primary osteoporosis treated with kidney-tonifying and bone-strengthening mixture.
Author(s): Mingyue Wang, Ling Gong, Bei Xia, Junqing Cao, Peiqing Zhou, Jie Hu
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 132-6.

64. Clinical observation on treatment of ecthyma with ningshu xiji.
Author(s): Peng Ge, Xin Zhao
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 137-8. No Abstract Available.

65. The effect of xin mai tong capsules in protecting survival cardiac muscles of the patients with acute myocardial infarction.
Author(s): Ruixiang Qiu, Jun Feng, Jun Meng
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 139-42.

66. Effect of jiang zhuo mixture on blood glucose level and insulin resistance in diabetes.
Author(s): Xiabo Chen, Hui Wang
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 143-4. No Abstract Available.

67. Preventing and treating actions of compound lian zhu capsule on micrangium lesions in diabetic rats.
Author(s): Wenzhuo Duan, Haimin Gong, Jiafu Wang, Yi Ding, Tongmei Liu, Jianying Wang, Li Yueqing
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 148-52.

68. A survey of treatment of diabetic complications with Chinese drugs.
Author(s): Fan Zhao
J Tradit Chin Med Jun, 2005; 25(2): 153-9. No Abstract Available.

69. Regulatory effects of cytokine production in atopic allergic reaction by gammi-danguieumja.
Author(s): Na Ho-Jeong, Shin Hye-Young, Kim Na-Hyung, Kwon Mi-Won, Park Eun-Jeong, Hong Seung-Heon, Kim Nam-Il, Kim Hyung-Min
Inflammation Oct, 2004; 28(5): 291-8.

70. Alteration of pharmacokinetics of oxytetracycline following oral administration of Piper longum in hens.
Author(s): Singh M, Varshneya C, Telang R S, Srivastava A K
J Vet Sci Sep, 2005; 6(3): 197-200.

71. Quantitation of astragaloside IV in rat plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.
Author(s): Yan Li-Xin, Guo De-An
J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci Sep 25, 2005; 824(1-2): 244-8.

72. Isoprenylated naphthoquinone dimers firmianones A, B, and C from Firmiana platanifolia.
Author(s): Bai Haiyun, Li Shuo, Yin Feng, Hu Lihong
J Nat Prod Aug, 2005; 68(8): 1159-63.

73. Triterpene saponins from the leaves of Ilex kudingcha.
Author(s): Tang Li, Jiang Yong, Chang Hai-Tao, Zhao Ming-Bo, Tu Peng-Fei, Cui Jing-Rong, Wang Rui-Qing
J Nat Prod Aug, 2005; 68(8): 1169-74.

74. Lignans from bark of Larix olgensis var. koreana.
Author(s): Yang Bao-Hua, Zhang Wei-Dong, Liu Run-Hui, Li Ting-Zhao, Zhang Chuan, Zhou Yun, Su Juan
J Nat Prod Aug, 2005; 68(8): 1175-9.

75. Neuroprotective and antioxidant activity of compounds from the aerial parts of Dioscorea opposita.
Author(s): Ma Chao, Wang Wei, Chen Yun-Yun, Liu Rui-Ning, Wang Ru-Feng, Du Li-Jun
J Nat Prod Aug, 2005; 68(8): 1259-61.

76. Prediction of herb-drug metabolic interactions: a simulation study.
Author(s): Zhou Shufeng, Huang Min, Xu Anlong, Yang Hongyuan, Duan Wei, Paxton James W
Phytother Res Jun, 2005; 19(6): 464-71.

77. Behavioural and biochemical effects of fractions prepared from Banxia Houpu decoction in depression models in mice.
Author(s): Wang Yemin, Kong Lingdong, Chen Yumei
Phytother Res Jun, 2005; 19(6): 526-9.

78. Hange-koboku-to, a Kampo medicine, modulates cerebral levels of 5-HT (5-hydroxytryptamine), NA (noradrenaline) and DA (dopamine) in mice.
Author(s): Kaneko Akiyo, Cho Shigefumi, Hirai Koichi, Okabe Tetsuro, Iwasaki Koh, Nanba Yoshio, Ouchi Yasuyoshi, Cyong Jong-Chol
Phytother Res Jun, 2005; 19(6): 491-5.

79. Systematic evaluation of organochlorine pesticide residues in Chinese materia medica.
Author(s): Leung Kelvin Sze-Yin, Chan Kelvin, Chan Chi-Leung, Lu Guang-Hua
Phytother Res Jun, 2005; 19(6): 514-8.

80. A randomized double blind placebo-controlled clinical trial of Hochuekkito, a traditional herbal medicine, in the treatment of elderly patients with weakness N of one and responder restricted design.
Author(s): Satoh N, Sakai S, Kogure T, Tahara E, Origasa H, Shimada Y, Kohoda K, Okubo T, Terasawa K
Phytomedicine Aug, 2005; 12(8): 549-54.

81. Effect of Danshao Huaxian capsule on expression of matrix metalloproteinase-1 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 in fibrotic liver of rats.
Author(s): Yang Qin, Xie Ru-Jia, Geng Xiao-Xia, Luo Xin-Hua, Han Bing, Cheng Ming-Liang
World J Gastroenterol Aug 28, 2005; 11(32): 4953-6.

82. Protective effect of Astragalus membranaceus on intestinal mucosa reperfusion injury after hemorrhagic shock in rats.
Author(s): Hei Zi-Qing, Huang He-Qing, Zhang Jing-Jun, Chen Bing-Xue, Li Xiao-Yun
World J Gastroenterol Aug 28, 2005; 11(32): 4986-91.

83. Anti-depression effect of Kai Xin San and research of its compatibility.
Author(s): Chen Yi-hong, Wang Dong-xiao, Liu Ping, Wang Jin-liang, Dai Chang, Cheng Gui-fang
Chin Med J (Engl) Jul 20, 2005; 118(14): 1214-6. No Abstract Available.

84. Echinacea's war.
Author(s): Healy Bernadine
US News World Rep Aug 8, 2005; 139(5): 56. No Abstract Available.

85. Herbs and cytotoxic drugs: recognizing and communicating potentially relevant interactions.
Author(s): Lee Colleen O
Clin J Oncol Nurs Aug, 2005; 9(4): 481-7. No Abstract Available.

86. Effects of water-soluble Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides on the immune functions of patients with advanced lung cancer.
Author(s): Gao Yihuai, Tang Wenbo, Dai Xihu, Gao He, Chen Guoliang, Ye Jinxian, Chan Eli, Koh Hwee Ling, Li Xiaotian, Zhou Shufeng
J Med Food Summer, 2005; 8(2): 159-68.

87. Antioxidative effects of polyphenols in leaves of Houttuynia cordata on protein fragmentation by copper-hydrogen peroxide in vitro.
Author(s): Toda Shizuo
J Med Food Summer, 2005; 8(2): 266-8.

88. Improved capsulotomy for refractory Tourette's syndrome.
Author(s): Sun Bomin, Krahl Scott E, Zhan Shikun, Shen Jiankang
Stereotact Funct Neurosurg , 2005; 83(2-3): 55-6.

89. Menopausal symptom management and prevention counseling after the Women's Health Initiative among women seen in an internal medicine practice.
Author(s): Schonberg Mara A, Wee Christina C
J Womens Health (Larchmt) null; 14(6): 507-14.

90. Protective effect of Toki-shakuyaku-san on amyloid beta25-35-induced neuronal damage in cultured rat cortical neurons.
Author(s): Egashira Nobuaki, Iwasaki Katsunori, Akiyoshi Yuki, Takagaki Yuki, Hatip-Al-Khatib Izzettin, Mishima Kenichi, Kurauchi Kouji, Ikeda Tomoaki, Fujiwara Michihiro
Phytother Res May, 2005; 19(5): 450-3.

91. Antioxidant properties of two gallotannins isolated from the leaves of Pistacia weinmannifolia.
Author(s): Zhao Xingyu, Sun Handong, Hou Aijun, Zhao Qinshi, Wei Taotao, Xin Wenjuan
Biochim Biophys Acta Aug 30, 2005; 1725(1): 103-10.

92. Herbal interaction with warfarin.
Author(s): Cheng Tsung O
South Med J Jul, 2005; 98(7): 748. No Abstract Available.

93. Chronic hepatitis B and herbal therapy.
Author(s): Shahidah K Nor, Merican I
Med J Malaysia Jul, 2005; 60 Suppl B: 35-8. No Abstract Available.

94. Drug interactions and anti-HIV therapy.
Author(s): Highleyman Liz
BETA Summer, 2005; 17(4): 20-9. No Abstract Available.

95. A universal HPLC method for the determination of phenolic acids in compound herbal medicines.
Author(s): Wen Dawei, Li Chenchen, Di Hao, Liao Yiping, Liu Huwei
J Agric Food Chem Aug 24, 2005; 53(17): 6624-9.

96. A HPLC method for the analysis of germacrone in rabbit plasma and its application to a pharmacokinetic study of germacrone after administration of zedoary turmeric oil.
Author(s): You Jian, Cui Fu-de, Li Qing-po, Yong-sheng Wang, Han Xu, Yu Ying-wei
J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci Sep 5, 2005; 823(2): 172-6.

97. Other dangers of herbal remedies in rheumatology.
Author(s): Bamji A N
Ann Rheum Dis Sep, 2005; 64(9): 1388. No Abstract Available.

98. Effects of the Chinese herbal formula Shi-Bi-Lin on cytokine release from the human mast cell line.
Author(s): Zhao Yu, van Hasselt Charles A, Woo John K S, Chen George G, Wong Yeuk O, Wang Li H, Leung Ping C
Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol Jul, 2005; 95(1): 79-85.

99. Differentiation of Swertia Mussotii Franch from Artemisiae Capillaris Herba by capillary electrophoresis with electrochemical detection.
Author(s): Cao Yuhua, Wang Yun, Ye Jiannong
J Pharm Biomed Anal Sep 1, 2005; 39(1-2): 60-5.

100. Current research on angong niuhuang pills
Author(s): Wang Jin-hua, Ye Zu-guang
Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi Feb, 2004; 29(2): 119-22. No Abstract Available.

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