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March 8, 2014
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
List of Famous Chinese Landmarks

Beijing ----The Temple of Heaven, bright aquarium, the Great Wall at Badaling, North Lake of Ming tombs, the Summer Palace, Beijing --Botany of Coal Hill Park, ZhongHua Nationalities Garden, China Scie & Tech Hall, the Beijing Zoo, Beijing Tianjin ----Huang Ya in Tianjin closes the scenery excursion district of the Great Wall, seashore travel resort of Tianjin Hebei ----East Imperial Tomb of Qing Dynasty, Travel scenic spot of the Shanhai Pass, Chengde Mountain Resort, Chengde temple, Qinhuangdao Leofoo Safari Park, Putuo cases of temple, old world, Qinhuangdao Singaporean and Australian sea floor world, clear west imperial tomb, acrobatics of Wuqiao, that take, Puning of city, Shanxi ----Tourist zone of Wutai Mountain, tourist zone of Yungang Grottoes, tourist zone of the shrine of the Jin Dynasty Inner Mongol ----The Inner Mongol doses of root Talas of grassland tour center, Genghis Khan imperial tomb tourist zone, tourist zone, trade of city, each other, China and Russia of Manzhouli, Liaoning ----Botany of Shenyang, Forest zoo of Dalian, Beach national travel resort of metal and stone of Dalian, Buddha garden of jade of An'shan, Dalian holy and inferior marine world, beach paradise, Shenyang chess, tiger of Dalian, wind up a mountain international scenery tourism development zone, Shenyang Palace Museum, Dalian ice the provincial travel resort of valley Jilin ----Lake ski area, net monthly pool national Forest Park, national-level nature reserve area of Changbai Mountain, lake scenic spot of Song Hua of Jilin of Changchun of Beijing University of Jilin Province Heilungkiang ----Inferior cloth strength skies in travel resort, two travels scenic spot in Longshan Shanghai ----Money luxuriant mansion of Shanghai 88 Layer visit drawing room, Shanghai Museum of Art and History, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Broadcasting and TV Tower, Shanghai Leofoo Safari Park, garden, Shanghai She mountain national Forest Park, Henan Province of Shanghai, Jiangsu ----Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou, Tiger's mound mountain scenic spot of market of Suzhou, Paradise of Suzhou, Zhouzhuang ancient town excursion district, Scenic spot of Zhong Shan Tomb of Nanjing, Scenic spot of Lingshan of market of Wuxi, Lake travel resort of eye of day of Jiangsu Province, Scenic spot of Tortoise Head Garden of Tai Hu of market of Wuxi, Nanjing rain spend typhoon scene scenic spot district, tight West Lake Park, the Three Kingdoms the Water Margin scenic spot, Zhenjiang park, Qinhuai River Scenic Area, Confucius Temple of Nanjing,, Kingsoft of city,, CCTV Stocks Trading Co. of Wuxi,, city of Yangzhou, Zhejiang ----Sung Dynasty Village, Lake scenic spot of Thousand island of Chunan county, Scenic spot of intention as revealed in what one says of small stream , Shaoxing Ke rock scenic spot, Ningbo the eco-tour demonstration area, The day Taishan scenic spot, pairs of dragon scenery tourist zone, city of Jinhua,,, celestial being scenic spot, scenic spot, Hengdian Group, mountain of Putuo, face the mountain in the TV & Film City eight times Anhui ----Tourist zone of Jiuhuashan, scenic spot on Mount Huang, national-level scenic spot of Tianzhushan, Ya mountain tourist zone, Taiji hole scenic spot, Guangde of thinkling sound of Chuzhou Liaoning ----The Inner Mongol doses of root Talas of grassland tour center, Genghis Khan imperial tomb tourist zone, tourist zone, trade of city, each other, China and Russia of Manzhouli, Fujian ----Tourist zone of Gulang Island of Xiamen, Lake, Yongan tourist zone, Wuyi Mountain scenic spot, Quanzhou, hole of Land of Peach Blossoms,, money of Taining, turn on yuans of temple, Foochow national Forest Park, botany, Liancheng, garden of Xiamen, preceded insect without feet or legs(mentioned in ancient books) mountain Jiangxi ----Scenic spot of Mount Lushan, scenic spot of Jing Gang-shan, dragon's Tiger Mountain scenery tourist zone, king Teng pavilion Shandong --------Confucian temple of Qufu, Confucian mansion , Kong Lin tourist zone, Scenic spot of Laoshan, Scenic spot of Mount Tai, Tourist zone of Peng Lai Pavilion, tourist zone, tourist zone of Lingyan Monastery, scenic spot of Liugong Island, seashore scenic spot of Qingdao, horse race mountain range tourist zone of Jinan of south mountain of Yantai td > Henan ----Luoyang the Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang white horse monastery, imprison woods scenic spot, go to river garden, scenic spot, shrine, Bao Zheng of Kaifeng,, Shaolin of Song Shan, Pure Brightness Hunan ----Military imperial tomb source scenic spot, Comrade Liu Shaoqi memorial museum, Window on the World of Changsha, Scenic spot of central mountain Songshan, high mountain hillfoot mountain scenic spot, floor tourist zone of Yueyang, Huanglong Cave tourist zone of Zhangjiajie, scenic spot of Former Residence of Mao Ze-dong of Shaoshan of Changsha Hubei ----Scenic spot of East Lake, Wuhan, HeLou Huang, belong to yuans of Buddhist temple, the Three Gorges Projects jar mountain range tourist zone, grand to hit scenic spot, Hubei Provincial Museum, Jing Zhou museum, scenic spot, mountain of Wudang, Guangdong ----Round bright new garden of Zhuhai, Lake scenic spot of the star of Zhaoqing, Travel resort of Shenzhen Chinese Overseas Town, The view billows lake golf of Shenzhen is known, Red rosy clouds mountain scenic spot, Sea imperial tomb island large angle gulf scenic spot of Yangjiang, Scenic spot, fresh warm mineral spring travel resort, Guangzhou wild animal world, Sun Yat-sen former residence, mountain scenic spot of Xiqiao of HongKong of White Cloud Mountain of Guangzhou Guangxi ----Seven star scenic spot, reed scenic spot, Lijiang River scenic spot, tourist zone, Nanning blue and green beautiful tourist zone, scenery of mountain,, Silver Sands of North Lake,,, like scenic spot on the mountain (Like park on the mountain, riverside park originally ), the tourist zone of Land of Peach Blossoms of Gui Lin Hainan ----Sanya cultural tourist zone, the inferior dragon's gulf national travel resort of Sanya, scenic spot of the ends of the earth of south mountain Sichuan ----Scenic spot of Mount Emei, Scenic spot of the Dujiang weir, Mountain scenic spot of blue and green city, Big Buddha scenic spot of Leshan, Scenic spot of Jiu Zhaigou, Huanglong scenic spot, museum, south bamboo sea wind scene scenic spot district, ditch glacier Forest Park, famous mountain, little Sanxia, Wushan of Fengdu, conch of Luding,, Sichuan Province of Yibin,, Sanxing Pile of Guanghan, - Art museum of small Sanxia, stone engraving of large foot, Baidicheng, Fengjie - The Qutang Gorge Kweichow ----Yellow fruit tree waterfall, the efficacious park of Dragon Palace, Guizhou Province, red Chinese sweet gum lake Yunnan ----Horticulture Review Garden, national village of Yunnan, Lijing dragon's travel resort of snow-covered mountain of jade, tropical botany of Xishuangbanna, the scenic spot of stone forest of Yunnan, Chinese Academy of Sciences of world of Yunnan Tibet ----Museum of Tibet, Potala Palace of Tibet, Tibet Jokhang Temple, Tibet Roblin's card , Linzhi, Tibet bassoon arrange the tourist zone Shaanxi Shaanxi ----Clay figures of warriors and horses of Qin museum, Huaqing Hot Spring, Scenic spot of Huashan, The universe imperial tomb museum, luxuriant imperial tomb museum, heavy kind kindness temple the Great Wild Goose Pagoda scenic spot, initial approach to become a Buddhist believer temple tourist zone, white mountain national Forest Park, History Museum of Shaanxi too Gansu ----Ring the sand and mountain in scenic spot of historical relic of the Jiayu Pass, Dunhuang - Spring scenic spot of crescent moon, Kong cave mountain scenic spot, scenic spot of Maiji mountain Qinghai ----Tourist zone of the Kunlun of Golmud, helping each other in the garden tourist zone of Tu native land, tourist zone of Taer Monastery Ningxia ----Lake ecological tourist zone of sand, tourist zone of top of city wall of sand Xinjiang ----The scenic spot of Tian Mountain and Tianchi , grape ditch amusement park of Turfan

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