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March 8, 2014
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
Cyndi Wang


Cyndi Wang (王心凌, Pinyin: W?ng Xīnl?ng, born September 5, 1982 in Hsinchu, Taiwan is a Taiwanese cpop singer. Cyndi has currently released two albums: 'Begin' (debut album) and 'Cyndi Loves You' (王心凌-愛你). Aside from her career in music, Cyndi also has an active career in drama, and has starred in soaps such as 'Westside Story' (西街少年) and 'Le Robe de Mariage des Cieux' (天國的嫁衣).

  • English Name: Cyndi Wang

  • Chinese Name: 王心凌

  • Real Chinese Name: 王君如

  • Birthday: 9/5/1982

  • Blood Type: O

  • Height: 158 cm

  • Zodiac: Virgo

  • Favorite Colors: Black/White/Green

  • Favorite Season: Fall

  • Favorite Instrument: Piano

  • Favorite coffees: Caramel macchiato, Latte

  • Favorite sweet: root beer bon bons.

  • Favorite female singer: Faye Wong, 王菲

  • Hates: People who take advantage of others

  • Record Company: Avex Trax

  • Career Debut: 2003, through an Avex competition (more information required)

  • Acting Career: Westside Story (西街少年), Le Robe de mariage des cieux (天國的嫁衣)

  • Albums: "Begin"-(debut 2/24/03) "Cyndi Loves You: (4/1/04)

  • Personal philosophy: "Those who try are those who gain."

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