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March 8, 2014
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
Gang of Four



  • In China|Chinese history, The Gang of Four (四人帮 pinyin s? r?n bāng) was a group of Communist politics|politicians based in Shanghai. They were among the main leaders of the Cultural Revolution. See Gang of Four (China).

  • In East Asian history, The Gang of Four (or The Asian Tigers) refers to South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong as newly industrialized countries with shared economic characteristics.

  • In United Kingdom|British history, The Gang of Four were the four leading members of the British Labour Party| Labour Party who left the party to found the rival Social Democratic Party (UK)|Social Democratic Party in 1981. These were Shirley Williams, Bill Rodgers (politician)|William Rodgers, Roy Jenkins and David Owen. The party was intended to "break the mould" of adversarial British politics. It eventually merged with the The Liberal Party (UK)|Liberal Party.

  • In Politics of Australia|Australian politics, The Gang of Four was a term commonly used by the media to describe Australian Democrats|Democrat Senators Meg Lees, Andrew Murray (Australian politician)|Andrew Murray, Aden Ridgeway and John Cherry, after they controversially toppled party leader Natasha Stott Despoja.

  • Gang of Four is the name of a card game. The game requires wit, bluff and astute play which generates reversals of fortune that mirror the shifting politics of the Cultural Revolution period in Chinese history.

  • Gang of Four is a British Rock and roll|rock band. See Gang of Four (band).

  • In comic books, The Gang of Four was a subset of the Oriental Heroes, a superhero group featured in a comic of the same name made in Hong Kong, and distributed by Jademan Comics. They consisted of Baldie (the leader of the group), Four-Eyed Ming, One-Eyed Draco, and Heartbreak Kid. All were practitioners of kung fu and chi kung.

  • In software engineering, The Gang of Four (or GoF) are Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides, authors of the seminal book Design Patterns.

  • In wide area network|wide-area networking, Gang of Four is a type of Local Management Interface, or LMI, used with Frame Relay technology; the others are Annex A (CCITT) and Annex D (ANSI). The name comes from the companies who developed and adopted the standard for enhanced interoperability: Cisco Systems, StrataCom, Digital Equipment Corporation|DEC, and Nortel Networks.


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