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March 8, 2014
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
Labor Exchange Band


The Labor Exchange Band (交工樂隊, 1999-2003) is an acclaimed Taiwan|Taiwanese Hakka band best known for their commitment to Hakka cultural innovation, as well as environmental activism, particularly in relation to the Meinung Dam. The band has identified its formation as an event borne out of the anti-dam movement and seen its work as intertwined with the movement. Following government announcement to cease dam construction, the group has turned its attention to issues concerning rural farmers. Band members later reformed as Hohak Band.

The group is named after a labor-sharing system used by Meinung Hakka farmers.

As part of their Hakka focus, the band writes and performs songs in the Hakka (linguistics)|Hakka language.

From its inception the band has made the Hakka mountain song central to their expression. In the early years the band was more strongly influenced by Rock and roll|rock conventions. Later albums marked a transition toward a style that paid homage to traditional folk elements, including the adoption of such traditional instruments as the moon guitar.

Members are Lin Shenghsiang 林生祥 (vocal, guitar, moon guitar), Chen Kuanyu 陳冠宇 (Bass), Chung Chenda 鍾成達(Percussions), Guo Jintsai 郭進財 (Suona Reed Horn, Kuantzu Recorder).

In 2003 the band struggled with the question of whether to pursue greater professionalism (as was demanded by their tour schedule) or "return to musical work as life, life as work". Ultimately band members decided to split.

The band has won several of Taiwan's Golden Melody Award (金曲獎) – in 2000 for Best Songwriter and Best Producer and in 2002 for Best Band. Their story was turned into a Public Television Service documentary in 2001.


  • Let Us Sing Mountain Songs (我等就來唱山歌)

  • The Night March of the Chrysanthemums (菊花夜行軍)


  • Womex 2000 (4 songs)


  • Labor Lullaby

  • Remember 921

  • No Nuclear Home

  • Hakka Appear! + Hakka March

  • We Wave Hand To Happiness

  • Official website

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