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March 8, 2014
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1 Introduction


Qinqiang (秦腔, pinyin: Q?nqiāng) or Luantan (乱弹, pinyin: Lu?nt?n) is the representative folk opera of northwest Province of Shaanxi, China, where was called Qin thousands of years ago. Its melodies were originated from the rural areas of ancient Shaanxi and Gansu.

It uses Bangzi as instrument, as it is called Bangzi opera. Bangzi tune is the oldest, most affluent opera tunes in China's Four Great Characteristic Melodies. Qinqiang is the representative of the Bangzi opera and the most important origin of other Bangzi operas.

There are 13 kinds of characters in Qinqiang including four kinds of "Sheng of Chinese opera|Sheng" (生, male)(老生、须生、小生、幼生), six kinds of "Dan of Chinese opera|Dan" (旦, female)(老旦、正旦、小旦、花旦、武旦、媒旦), two kinds of "Jing of Chinese opera|Jing" (净, painted face male)(大净、毛净) and one kind of "Chou of Chinese opera|Chou" (丑, Clown), also knowns as " 13 Tou Wangzi" (十三头网子).

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