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March 8, 2014
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
Yen Chia-kan


Image:Yen_Chia-kan.jpg|right|Yen Chia-kan

Yen Chia-kan (嚴家淦, pinyin: Y?n Jiāg?n), or Yen Chia-jin (October 23, 1905- December 24, 1993), better known as C. K. Yen, succeeded Chiang Kai-shek as President of the Republic of China|President of the Republic of China (on Taiwan) upon Chiang's death on April 5, 1975. He served out the remainder of Chiang's term until May 20, 1978.

C.K. Yen was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu Provinces of China|Province. He graduated from St. John's University (China)|St. John's University in Shanghai with a degree in chemistry.

Yen previouly served as minister of economic affairs, List of finance ministers of the Republic of China|minister of finance, and governor of Taiwan Province. He became Premier of the Republic of China|premier on December 15, 1963. In 1966 the National Assembly of the Republic of China|National Assembly elected Yen as vice president and re-elected him in 1972. He concurrently served as premier until May 19, 1972 when he was succeeded by Chiang Ching-kuo, who later succeeded him as president. After his presidency, he was chairman of the Council on Chinese Cultural Renaissance and board chairman of the National Palace Museum until 1991.

He died in Taipei at the age of 88. He was buried at the Wu Chih Mountain military cemetery in Taipei County.

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Preceded by:

Chiang Kai-shek
President of the Republic of China Succeeded by:
Chiang Ching-kuo

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