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March 8, 2014
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
Connie Chung

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Photo Constance Yu-Hwa Chung, 宗毓華 (born August 20, 1946) is a Chinese American television news anchor-woman. She grew up in Washington D.C. as the daughter of a high ranking KMT diplomat from the Republic of China. On June 1, 1993 she became the second woman to co-anchor a major network's national news broadcast (with CBS). After co-anchoring for many years with Dan Rather, she began to do independent interviews- a field which would soon become her trademark. As an interviewer, Chung displayed a distinct style. Her interrogations were largely casual and gentle, but would often be punctuated by a rapid-fire barrage of sharp questions. They were decidedly more calm than those of other interviewers, such as Barbara Walters or Mike Wallace, and as a result, her interviews were often used as a PR move by those looking to overcome scandal or controversy. Connie Chung became the center of unwanted media attention in the 1990s as she and her husband and fellow TV personality Maury Povich tried, unsuccessfully, to have a baby. Some of her more famous interviewees include Klaus Von Bulow and Gary Condit. In an interview with Marianne Gingrich, mother of conservative politician Newt Gingrich, Chung became infamous for using portions of an interview, after telling Mrs. Gingrich "just between you and me" and asking for opinions about Hillary Clinton. She briefly had her own show on CNN entitled Connie Chung Tonight, but it was cancelled in the wake of the 2003 Iraq war.

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