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March 8, 2014

Chinese Family Names

A Chinese family name/clan name/surname (pinyin: x

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"Chinese" topic centers and articles
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Chinese Alphabet: The first thing to learn about Chinese
     Mandarin Phonetic Symbols II
     Postal System Pinyin
     Tongyong Pinyin

Chinese Character
     How Many Chinese Characters Are There?
     Chinese character
     Simplified Chinese character
     Traditional Chinese character
     Eight Principles of Yong
     Periodic table (Chinese)
     Radical (Chinese character)
     Chinese character encoding
     >>> More articles about "Chinese Character"

Chinese Dictionary: Chinese English dictionary, English Chinese dictionary
     Chinese English Dictionary
     Four corner input
     Kangxi Dictionary
     Yongle Encyclopedia

Chinese Language
     Chinese numerals
     Languages of China
     Tibetan language
     Chinese language
     Chinese measure word
     Rime table
     Han Chinese
     HSK test
     Chinese grammar
     Chinese pronouns
     Chinese adjectives
     >>> More articles about "Chinese Language"

Chinese linguistics and dialect
     Beijing dilect
     Dialects of Mandarin
     Dungan language
     Gan (linguistics)
     Hakka (linguistics)
     Hui (linguistics)
     Jin (inguistics)
     List of Chinese dialects
     Mandarin (linguistics)
     Min (linguistics)
     >>> More articles about "Chinese linguistics and dialect"

Chinese Name
     Chinese Names
     Chinese sovereign
     Miao Hao
     My Chinese Name --- A
     My Chinese Name --- B
     Name of China in various languages
     Nian Hao
     Shi Hao
     >>> More articles about "Chinese Name"

Chinese People
     Chinese people
     Chinese People's Armed Police Force Academy
     Chinese People's Party
     Facts of Chinese people
     List of Chinese people
     List of ethnic groups in China
     President of the People's Republic of China
     Supreme People's Procuratorate
     Terrified of chinese people!?
     what do chinese people eat?
     >>> More articles about "Chinese People"

Chinese Symbol: Chinese Character, Chinese Letter
     Chinese Symbol

Chinese Tattoo: Chinese symbol for tattoo
     Chinese Tattoo

Chinese Translation: A very useful skills needed
     Chinese & English Translation

Chinese Writing: Difficult to learn, you will like it if you can
     Chinese written language
     Stroke order
     WPS Office
     Written Chinese

Famous Ancient Chinese People
     Emperor of China
     Wang Tao
     Wu Tao-Tzu
     Wuqiu Jian
     Xia Qiao
     Xiahou Ba
     Xiahou Dun
     Xiahou Yuan
     Xianfeng Emperor of China
     >>> More articles about "Famous Ancient Chinese People"

Famous Chinese Americans
     Anthony Yuen
     Archie Kao
     B. D. Wong
     Ben Fee
     Ben Fong-Torres
     Brian Ching
     Bright Sheng
     Bruce Chen
     Carmit Bachar
     Caroline Zhang
     Carrie Ann Inaba
     >>> More articles about "Famous Chinese Americans"

Famous Chinese People
     List of famous Chinese people
     Wu Bangguo
     Wuer Kaixi
     Xu Bing
     Yang Liwei
     Yao Ming
     Yao Wenyuan
     Yen Hsi-shan
     Yuan T. Lee
     Zhang Chunqiao
     Chen Duxiu
     >>> More articles about "Famous Chinese People"

Famous Chinese Prostitutes: They are not simple
     Ching Shih
     Famous Chinese prostitute Li Shishi
     Famous Chinese Prostitutes of the Qing Dynasty
     Famous Chinese Prostitutes of Zhong Hua Min Guo
     Shanghai woman
     Suzie Wong

Famous Chinese Women
     Chu Mei-feng
     Four Beauties
     Xi Shi
     Yang Kaihui
     Chiang Fang-liang
     Concubine Qi
     Diao Chan
     Hua Mulan
     Qiu Jin
     Soong Ai-ling
     Soong Ching-ling
     >>> More articles about "Famous Chinese Women"

Learn Chinese: Learn Chinese Language
     Chinese spoken language
     Learn Chinese in China - Links and Info
     Standard Mandarin

Chinese News ARTICLES

> Intelligent cell phones help foreigners overcome language barrierin Beijing
> Permanent maglev line likely to be launched in Dalian
> Mechanic grounded by home-made plane rules
> Business studies a 'major' problem for students
> China's first 'seed satellite' set to blast off
> Chinese, Russian scientists begin joint research on Siberia
> Human bird flu cases suspected in Thai North
> China to launch first breeding satellite inSeptember
> Google offers special search engine for the visually impaired
> The cost of China's first lunar orbiter
> China to quicken censoring process of TV animationproductions

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