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October 27, 2005
Chinese Art - Chinese Calligraphy Topic Center

Yan Zhenqing
Yan Zhenqing (顏真卿, 709 - 785) was a leading China|Chinese calligrapher of the Tang dynasty. The greatest Chinese calligrapher

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Calligraphy was thought to be the highest and purest form of painting

"Chinese Calligraphy" Subtopics and articles

Introduction |  History and story |  Famous calligrapher |  Others
    Chinese Calligraphy Chinese calligraphy typically uses ink brush to write Chinese characters (Hanzi for the Chinese, and Kanji for the Japanese). Calligraphy or shufa.
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History and story
    East Asian calligraphy East Asian calligraphy typically uses ink brushes to write Chinese characters (called Hanzi in Chinese, Kanji in Japanese language|Japanese, and Han
    Xiaozhuan Image:XiaozhuanQinquan.jpg|right|thumb|Engrving in the standard weight for balance Xiaozhuan (????), or < S...
    Lanting Xu Lanting Xu (??????), or Lanting Ji Xu (?????W??) (Preface to the...
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Famous calligrapher
    Su Shi Su Shi (蘇軾) (1037-1101) was a List_of_Chinese_authors|writer, List_of_Chinese_language_poets|poet, ar...
    Liu Gongquan Liu Gongquan (778 - 865), was a Chinese calligraphy|calligrapher who stood with Yan Zhenqing as the two great masters of late Tang calligraphy. A m
    Gu Kaizhi Gu Kaizhi (??????; pinyin: G?? K??izh??;; Wade-Giles: Ku K'ai-chih) (c.344-406), is a celebrated painter of ancient China. According to historical r
    Wang Xianzhi Wang Xianzhi (王獻之, 344 - 386) is a famous China|Chinese Chinese_calligraphy|calligrapher of the Eastern Jin dynasty. The seven

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