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October 27, 2005
Chinese - Famous Chinese Women Topic Center

Zhuo Lin
Zhuo Lin (卓琳) (Wade-Giles: Chuo Lin or Cho Lin) was the third wife of Deng Xiaoping. The d...

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"Famous Chinese Women" Subtopics and articles

Introduction |  History and story |  Actors and actresses |  Empress |  Singer |  Musicians |  Athletes |  Business tycoons |  Scientists and engineers |  Law and politicians |  Painters and calligraphers |  Fashion Design |  Philosophers and writers |  Media reporters |  Architecture |  Others
    Chu Mei-feng Chu Mei-feng , (璩美鳳 pinyin: Q? Měif?ng) born 1966, Republic of China|Taiwanese pol...
    Xi Shi Xi Shi (西施, Pinyin < I>Xī Shī< /I>) was one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. Sh...
    Yang Kaihui Image:Yang Kaihui.jpg|right Y?ng Kāihu? (楊開慧 / 杨开...
    Four Beauties The Four Beauties (Chinese language|Chinese: &#22235;&#22823;&#32654;&#20154;; pinyin: s? d? m&#283;i r...
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History and story
    Yang Guifei Yang Guifei was one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. She was a consort of Xuanzong of Tang China who was killed (together with her cousin Yang G
    Diao Chan Diao Chan (Simplified Chinese: &#35970;&#34633;; Traditional Chinese: &#35970;&#34796;, Pinyin: Di&#257...
    Xi Shi Xi Shi was one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. She lived during the end of Spring and Autumn Period. She in Zhuji, the capital of the ancient..
    Concubine Qi Concubine Qi (&#25114;&#23020; pinyin qi1ji1) (d. 194 BC), also known as Lady Qi (&#25114;&am...
    Soong Ching-ling Image:Song_Qingling.jpg|right|200px|Song Qingling Soong Ch'ing-ling (Simplified Chinese &#23435;&#24198;...
    Qiu Jin image:qiujin.gif|right Qi? J&#464;n (&#31179;&#29822;) (1875 - July 14, 1907) was a China|Chinese fe...
    Chiang Fang-liang Image:Faina Chiang.jpg|frame|Faina Chiang (1916&ndash;2004) Faina Chiang Fang-liang (&#34083;&#26041...
    Hua Mulan Image:Hua_Mulan.jpg|thumb|175px|Oil painting on silk, "Hua Mulan Goes to War" Hua Mulan (zh-tsp |t=&am...
    Wang Zhaojun Wang Zhaojun (b. before 33 BC - d. after 31 BC) was one of the Four Beauties of ancient China.
    Soong Ai-ling image:songailing.jpg|right|220px Soong Ai-ling (&#23435;&#34297;&#40801; Pinyin: S?ng ?il?ng), or S...
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Actors and actresses
    Gong Li Image:Gongli_chest0614.jpg|thumb| Gong Li (&#38799;&#21033;, pinyin: G&#466;ng L?) (born December 31...
    Sammi Cheng HK-bio-stub Sammi Cheng (&#37165;&#31168;&#25991;) (born August 19, 1972) is a Hong Kong-born actor|...
    Amy Tan Amy Tan born February 19, 1952 is a Chinese American author
    Zhang Ziyi Born in Beijing, China, Zhang Ziyi was raised in Western Beijing under the aegis of her mother, a retired kindergarten teacher, and her father, an ec
    Ling Bai Bai Ling, famous actress. Bai Ling in Chinese means White Spirit/Light. Ling Bai was born on October 10, 1970 in China.
    Maggie Cheung image:Maggie Cheung.jpg|thumb|right|150px|Maggie Cheung Maggie Cheung Man-yuk (&#24373;&#26364;&#295...
    Lucy Liu Lucy Alexis Liu (born December 2, 1968) is a Chinese American Hollywood actress who starred in the TV series Ally McBeal and in the 2000 film Charlie'
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    Empress Dowager Cixi Image:Cixi1.jpg|thumb|220px|Empress Dowager Cixi Empress Dowager Cixi (Chinese language|Chinese: 慈&am...
    Empress Wu Zetian of China Empress_Wu ...
    Empress Dowager L? Empress Dowager L? was the principal imperial consort of the Emperor Gao of the Han Empire. Their children included then Emperor Hui and Princess...
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    Xie Jun Xie Jun (born October 30, 1970) is a Chinese chess player. She was women's world chess champion between 1991 and 1996, and again in 1999 and 2000.
    Guo Jingjing Guo Jingjing (Chinese language|Chinese: 郭晶晶, pinyin: Guō Jīngjīng) (born O...
    Fu Mingxia Fu Mingxia, she was born on August 16, 1978 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. She is world top female diver, multiple Olympics gold medalist and world
    Michelle Kwan Michelle Kwan is a Chinese American figure skater.
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Business tycoons
    Maeley L. Tom Maeley L. Tom is the founder and CEO of the public affairs firm Tom & Associates. She formerly served as a Senior Vice President of a Washington D.C.
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Scientists and engineers
    Chien-Shiung Wu Chien-Shiung Wu(May 31, 1912 - February 16, 1997) was a female Chinese American physicist with an expertise in radioactivity who worked on the Manhatt
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Law and politicians
    Jiang Qing Ji&#0257;ng Q&#0299;ng , (&#27743;&#38738;, Wade-Giles|WG: Chiang Ch'ing) (1914 - May 14, 1991) screen name ...
    Julia Chang Bloch Ms. Bloch has had an extensive career in international affairs. She began as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sabah, Malaysia in 1964 ? and was the first As
    Soong May-ling Image:Chiangs and Stilwell.jpg|frame|Generalissimo and Madame Chiang Kai-shek with General Joseph Stilwell in Burma (1942). Stro...
    Elaine Chao Image:Chao.jpg|framed|Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao Elaine Lan Chao (Chinese language|Chinese: &#36249;&#2356...
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Painters and calligraphers
    Wei Shuo Wei Shuo was a calligrapher of Eastern Jin Dynasty China who established consequential rules about the Regular Script. A famous disciple of hers is Wa
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Fashion Design
    Vera Wang Vera Wang is a famous fashion designer based in New York, NY, USA. She is famous for her wedding gown collection among other specialities.
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Philosophers and writers
    Maxine Hong Kingston Maxine Hong Kingston(born October 27, 1940) is a Chinese American writer.
    Eileen Chang Image:Eileen_Chang.jpg|frame|34 year-old Eileen Chang in Hong Kong Eileen Chang (Simplified Chinese: &#24352...
    Gish Jen Gish Jen, born in 1956 in Scarsdale, New York, is a contemporary Chinese American writer.
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Media reporters
    Connie Chung She grew up in Washington D.C. as the daughter of a high ranking KMT diplomat from the Republic of China. On June 1, 1993 she became the second woman
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    Maya Lin Maya Lin (born 1959) is an Chinese American artist and architect.
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    Katrina Leung Katrina Leung (&#38515;&#25991;&#33521;) is a Chinese American native of Los Angeles, California who is a busine...

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