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October 27, 2005
Travel to China - Beijing Topic Center

Image:Zhoukoudian Caves July2004.jpg|thumb|300px|Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site - the Caves (taken in July 2004) Zhoukoudian or Choukoutien is a cav

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Beijing hotel, beijing China

"Beijing" Subtopics and articles

Introduction |  History and story |  Tourism |  Transportation |  Map and Geography |  Media |  2008 Summer Olympics |  Famous Landmarks |  Hotels
    Xicheng District Image:ChunaBeijingXicheng.png|right|140px Beijing's Xicheng District (Simplified Chinese: 西城&...
    Yikatong card #REDIRECT Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card ...
    Summer Olympics 2008 Cities Summer Olympics 2008 cities
    Beijing Beijing is the Capital of China|capital city of the People's Republic of China. Beijing is one of the 4 municipality of China|municipalities of the...
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History and story
    Communist Party of China Image:CPCflag.PNG|150px|right|thumb|Communist Party of China flag The Communist Party of China (zh-stp |s=中...
    Marco Polo Image:Marco_Polo_portrait.jpg|thumb|Marco Polo, after a painting in Badia, Rome Marco Polo (September 151254 &am...
    State of Yan Image:YanZhuan.jpg|250px|frame|right|State of Yanbr(seal script|small seal script, 220 BC) Yan (pinyin: yan1, ...
    Liao Dynasty cleanup de:Liao-Dynastie ja:遼 fi:Liao-dynastia zh-cn:辽国 History_of_China The Liao Dynasty (Traditional Chinese|T: 遼
    China proper China proper refers to the historical heartlands of China in the context of that paradigm which contrasts these heartlands ...
    The Travels of Marco Polo Image:Marco Polo, Il Milione, Chapter CXXIII and CXXIV.jpg|thumb|300px|A page of "The Travels of Marco Polo" The Travels of Marco Polo is
    Peking Man Taxobox_begin | color = pink | name = Peking Manbr/StatusFossil Taxobox_image | image = Image:Zhoukoudian Museum July2004.jpg|3...
    Hutong Image:Beijing_Hutongs_Mar2003.jpg|right|thumb|300px|A hutong in eastern urban Beijing near Dongsishitiao. When photographed in March 2003, the left
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    Tourist Attractions of Beijing Beijing's tourist attractions are plenty and rich in history. The most well-known ones include the Badaling stretch of the Great Wall of China, Tian'a
    Forbidden City Image:Forbidden_City1.JPG|thumb|300px|The Hall of Supreme Harmony (太和殿) at the centre of the Forbidden City...
    Badaling Image:GreatWall Badaling.jpg|300px|right|The Great Wall at Badaling Badaling (Simplified Chinese character|s.: &#2...
    Yuanmingyuan image:yuanmingyuan2.jpg|thumb|250px|The Imperial Gardens as they once stood The Old Summer Palace, known in China as the Gardens of Perfect Brightnes
    The Summer Palace The Summer Palace (Yiheyuan) is a palace in Beijing, China.
    Chaowai Image:ChaowaiApril2003.jpg|thumb|300px|Chaowai under construction. March 2003 image. Image:Chaowai July2004.jpg|thumb|300px|Development, to be continu
    Wangfujing image:Wangfujing Buxingjie.jpg|thumb|300px|Wangfujing, looking south (August 2004 image) image:Wangfujing Night.jpg|thumb|300px|Night view of Wangfuji
    Zhongguancun Image:Zhongguancun Centre.jpg|thumb|300px|Zhongguancun -- buildings and park-like landscape Image:Zhongguancun Street.jpg|thumb|300px|Zhongguancun Str
    Sanlitun Sanlitun is a bar (establishment)|bar street in eastern urban Beijing. It is situated in Chaoyang District, Beijing|Chaoyang District. Sanlitun's b
    Beihai Park The Beihai Park (北海公园, Pinyin: Běihăi Gōngyu?n) is an imperial garden northwest of the Forbidden City in Be
    Jingshan Park Image:WPJingshanParkHill.jpg|thumb|right|300px|"Fung Shui" hill in Jingshan Park Jingshan Park (&#...
    Tanzhe Temple Situated near China National Highway 108 to the west of Beijing, Tanzhe Temple (Pinyin: Tanzhe Si), which means "Temple of Pool and Cudrania (o
    Beijing Zoo The Beijing Zoo lies west of Xizhimen and is the western part of the city. Its speciality is the giant panda of ...
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    Beijing Capital International Airport Image:BeijingAirportTerminal1999Architecture.jpg|thumb|300px|Airport terminal architecture in Beijing Airport (July 2004 image) Strong...
    Jingshi Expressway The Jingshi Expressway (zh-cp|c=京石高速公路|p=J&#29...
    Jingtong Expressway image:JingtongExpwyMar2003.jpg|thumb|300px|Jingtong Expressway between the 4th and 5th Ring Roads (taken in March of 2003) image:Jingto...
    Jingha Expressway Image:Jingha Expwy Jul2004.jpg|thumb|300px|Jingha Expressway (Taken in July of 2004) The Jingha Expressway (&#2014...
    Beijing Railway Station Image:Beijing Railway Station.jpg|thumb|300px|Beijing Railway Station (September 2004 image) Beijing Railway Station /Str...
    Beijing West Railway Station Beijing's West Railway Station , abb. Beijing West (Hanyu Pinyin: Beijing Xikezhan, Simplified Chinese|Simp...
    Transportation of Beijing image:South of Dongdan.jpg|thumb|300px|Roads in Beijing Beijing is a true transportation hub. Four completed ring roads encircle a city with nine expr
    Expressways of Beijing Image:Jingcheng Expwy 2.jpg|thumb|300px|The Jingcheng Expressway near Gaoliying (July 2004 image) Image:Jingha Expwy2.jpg|thumb|300px|The Jingha Expre
    China National Highways of Beijing Beijing, as a transportational hub of China, is the starting point for eleven out of twelve series-100 China National Highways. These are ma...
    Expressways of China image:PRC Expressway.jpg|thumb|300px|Chinese expressway, complete with signage. Shown here is the Jingkai Expressway in south Beijing. (Summer 2004 im
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Map and Geography
    Geography of Beijing Image:beijing_from_landsat.jpg|thumb|300px|Beijing from NASA's Landsat The geography of Beijing Municipality is charac...
    Chang an Avenue image:Chang'An Ave Jiannei.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Chang'an Avenue Chang'an Avenue is a major through route in Beijing, China. Strictly speaking, it
    Chaoyang District, Beijing Image:ChinaBeijingChaoyang.png|right|140px Beijing's Chaoyang district (Simplified Chinese: 朝阳区; Hanyu Pinyin: Ch?oy?ng Qū
    2nd Ring Road 2nd Ring Road (Beijing) ...
    Xuanwu District, Beijing Image:ChinaBeijingXuanwu.png|right|140px Xuanwu District (Simplified Chinese: 宣武区, Hanyu Pinyin: Xuānwǔ Qū) is a
    Dongcheng District Image:ChinaBeijingDongcheng.png|right|140px Spanning an area of 24.7 square kilometres, and home to 600,000 inhabitants, Beijing's Str...
    Sihui Sihui is a transportation node in Beijing. It forms the intersection between the eastern 4th Ring Road and the J...
    Ring Roads of Beijing Image:East 3rd Ring Road.jpg|thumb|300px|The eastern 3rd Ring Road (August 2004 image) Beijing is one of the ver...
    Dongdan Image:Dongdan Crossing Aerial.jpg|thumb|300px|Dongdan Crossing (October 2004 image) Dongdan is a crossing on Beijing's Chang'an Avenue and also a pa
    Chongwen District Image:ChinaBeijingChongwen.png|right|140px Beijing|Beijing's Chongwen District (Simplified Chinese: 崇文区; Hanyu Pinyin: Ch?ngw?n
    Beijing CBD Image:Dawangqiao Area.jpg|thumb|300px|Dawangqiao area around Beijing CBD (September 2004 image) The Beijing CBD or Beijing Central Business District
    Chaoyangmen Chaoyangmen is a transportation node and a district border in Beijing. West of Chaoyangmen Bridge is Chaoyangmen Inner Street, which heads toward t
    Dabeiyao image:GuomaoArea.jpg|thumb|300px|Dabeiyao/Guomao Area (August 2004 image) Dabeiyao is a part of Beijing city. It is very close to the Guomao site
    Guomao Image:Guomao Bridge.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Guomao Bridge. The Guomao area is characterised by many skyscrapers. The Guomao (国贸) area in
    Hepingli image:Hepingli Residences.jpg|thumb|300px|Hepingli -- view of residential blocks (2003 image) Hepingli (Simplified Chinese|Simplified and Traditiona
    Haidian District Image:ChinaBeijingHaiding.png|right|thumb| Haidian District (Simplified Chinese: 海淀区 ...
    Fengtai District Image:ChinaBeijingFengtai.png|right|140px Fengtai District (Simplified Chinese: 丰台区, Hanyu Pinyin: Fēngt?i Qū) is a d
    Mentougou District Image:ChinaBeijingMentougou.png|right|140px Mentougou District is in west Beijing. Spanning 1,331 square kilometres, with 270,000 inhabitants, it i
    Shunyi District Image:ChinaBeijingShunyi.png|right|140px Shunyi District is an administrative District outside of Beijing proper. The International School of Beiji
    Pinggu District Image:ChinaBeijingPinggu.png|right|140px Beijing's Pinggu District lies at the extreme eastern end of Beijing municipality, and borders Tianjin muni
    Xidan Image:Xidan Beijing.jpg|thumb|300px|Xidan in Beijing (July 2004 image) Xidan (西单) is home to a commercial district in Beijing. The X
    Xizhimen Xizhimen is a transportation node in Beijing. The 2nd Ring Road currently links with Xizhimen Outer Street, which has recently been transformed int
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2008 Summer Olympics
    2008 Summer Olympics The 2008 Summer Olympics , officially known as the Games of the XXIX Olympiad , will be held in Beiji...
    2008 Summer Paralympics See also: 2008 Summer Olympics The 2008 Summer Paralympic Games will be the thirteenth Paralympics and they wil...
    Dancing Beijing Image:Beijing 2008 logo.gif|right|230px|Dancing Beijing Dancing Beijing is the title of the official emblem of the 2008 Summer Olympics to be held i
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Famous Landmarks
    Temple of Heaven Image:Temple_of_Heaven.jpg The Temple of Heaven , literally the Altar of Heaven (Traditional Chinese: 天壇; Simplified Chinese: ࣪
    Zheng Yici Peking Opera Theatre The Zheng Yici Peking Opera Theatre at Beijing's Chongwen district, Hutong is one of the most romantic Peking opera theatres of Beijing, and also th
    The Temple of Heaven Image:Temple_of_Heaven.jpg The Temple of Heaven , literally the Altar of Heaven (Traditional Chinese: 天壇; Simplified Chinese: ࣪
    Great Hall of the People image:WPPeoplesHerosMonument.jpg|thumb|300px|Great Hall of the People by Day. In the foreground is the Monument to the People's Heroes. ...
    Beijing Financial Street Image:Beijing Finance Street.jpg|thumb|300px|Beijing Financial Street The Beijing Financial Street (Hanyu Pinyin: Beijing Jinrong Jie) lies in the w
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