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October 27, 2005
Chinese Restaurant and Chinese Food - Chinese Food Topic Center

Youtiao (zh-cp|c=???l|p=< I>y??uti??o< /I>) is a cuisine of China|Chinese fried bread stick, or long ...

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"Chinese Food" Subtopics and articles

Introduction |  Chinese Food Calorie |  Chinese food basics |  Cantonese foods |  Sichuan foods |  Hakka cuisine |  Hunan cuisine |  Shanghai cuisine |  Beijing cuisine |  Chiuchow cuisine |  American Chinese cuisine |  Buddhist cuisine |  Islamic cuisine |  Chinese food therapy |  Tea |  Egg roll |  Spring rolls |  Sushi |  Take-out |  Tofu |  Wonton |  Youtiao |  Chow mein |  Fortune cookie |  jiaozi |  Mooncake |  Dim sum |  Dumpling |  Egg foo young |  Shark fin soup |  Soy milk |  Soy sauce |  Others
    Cuisine of China Cuisine_of_China China has one of the richest culinary heritages on Earth. Solid Chinese food is eaten with chopsticks, and liquid with...
    Mandarin cuisine Cuisine_of_China Mandarin cuisine is a cooking style in Beijing, People's Republic of China|China. It is kn...
    Beef noodle soup Originally a northern Cuisine of China|Chinese meal, beef noodle soup (&#29275;&#32905;&#40629;) is composed of...
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Chinese Food Calorie
    Chinese Food Calorie Chinese dishes like steamed vegetables, fish and rice -- are very healthy, nutritionally balanced and low in fat and calories.
    Dieting While Partying Dieting While Partying: Check Out Various Diet Tips And Weight Loss Tips ?by: Jasdeep It's really difficult for a person to socialise if he is on a
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Chinese food basics
    Hong Kong-style American cuisine Cuisine_of_China Hong Kong-style western cuisine (西餐, sai chaan, lit. West meal) is a style of American and European cooking served by
    Hainanese chicken rice Hainanese chicken rice is a dish common in Singapore and Malaysia, where it was invented by immigrants from Hainan in China. It consists of rice coo
    Hoisin sauce Hoisin sauce (from Chinese language|Chinese ?????? < I>h??ixi??nji??ng< /I>, lit. seafood sauce) is ...
    Huoguo Also known as "Hotpot" (while Huo stands for Fire, and Guo stands for Pot), Huoguo is a very popular cuisine in China, especially in Sichuan
    Man tou Man tou or mantou (饅頭) are the steamed buns that are served in Northern Chinese cuisine. They are made with wheat flour. They are w
    Potsticker Image:Potstickers_RTE.jpg|thumb|right|A plate of potstickers. Potstickers (鍋貼 or guōtiē) are a Northern Chinese style dumpli
    Tael The tael (兩), PY: Liang, was part of the China|Chinese system of weights and currency. There were many different weights of tael depending on
    Wok Image:Wok.jpg|thumb|right|250px|A wok on an electric stove The wok (from the Standard Cantonese|Cantonese pronunciation wok6 of Chinese language|Chi
    Chopsticks "Chopsticks" is also the name of a simple piece of music for piano. See Chopsticks (music).
    Five-spice powder Five-spice powder (&#20116;&#39321;&#31881;, w&#468;xi&#257;ngf&#283;n in hanyu pinyin) is a...
    Garlic chives Garlic chives , also known as Chinese chives , Chinese leek , Ku chai or S...
    Monosodium glutamate Image:MSG.png|right Monosodium glutamate (IUPAC name- 2-Aminopentanedioic acid,2-Aminoglutaric acid,1-Aminopropane-1,3-...
    Rice congee Rice congee is a type of Asia|Asian rice porridge known as zh&#333;u (&#31909; or "juk" in several Chines...
    Rice dumpling Zongzi ...
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Cantonese foods
    Talk about Cantonese foods Cantonese food is the most familiar to the western countries by its colorful presentation and differing varieties of dishes.
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Beijing cuisine
    Peking Duck Peking Duck , or more accurately, Peking Roast Duck (Chinese_language|Chinese: &#21271;&#20140;&...
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Hakka cuisine
    Hakka cuisine Cuisine_of_China Hakka people are migratory tribes of ethnic Han people originated from central China. Their ancestors exiled the...
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Hunan cuisine
    Hunan cuisine Cuisine_of_China Hunan Cuisine , sometimes called Xiang Cuisine (&#28248;&#33756; pinyin xi&am...
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Chiuchow cuisine
    Chiuchow cuisine Cuisine_of_China Chiuchow cuisine or Chaozhou cuisine (&#28526;&#24030;&#33756;) or...
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Shanghai cuisine
    Shanghai cuisine Cuisine_of_China Shanghai cuisine , known as Hu cai (&#28396;&#33756; in pinyin: h? c?i) among the China|Chinese, is ...
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Sichuan foods
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Islamic cuisine
    Chinese Islamic cuisine Cuisine_of_China Due to a large Muslim population in western China, many Chinese restaurants cater to Muslims or cater to the gen...
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American Chinese cuisine
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Buddhist cuisine
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Chinese food therapy
    Chinese food therapy Chinese food therapy is a practice of healing using natural foods instead of medications. Chinese food therapy is a modality of traditional Chine
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    Chinese Tea This article is about varieties of Chinese tea .
    The Benefits of Green Tea The Benefits of Green Tea ?by: Granny's Mettle Green tea's popularity in the United States continues to grow as the number of new medical studies in
    How Can Green Tea Benefit My Family How Can Green Tea Benefit My Family? ?by: Carrie Lauth No doubt you've heard of Green Tea and the health benefits you can experience from drinking i
    4000 Year Old Secrets of Green Tea 4000 Year Old Secrets of Green Tea ?by: Gary Gresham The Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea for over 4,000 years. But rece
    Bubble tea Image:Pearl_Milktea.jpg|thumb|Bubble tea Bubble tea , pearl milk tea (Chinese language|Chinese: ...
    Tieguanyin Tieguanyin (鐵觀音/铁观音 Tiě Guān Yīn), or Iron Guanyin , is a premium variety of China|Chinese
    Pouchong Pouchong (&#21253;&#31278;&#33590; pinyin Baozhong) is a very lightly oxidized tea somewhere between green tea ...
    Oolong Alternate meanings: Oolong (disambiguation) Oolong (&#28879;&#40845; w&#363;l&#243;ng ...
    Fujian tea ceremony The Fujian tea ceremony , also known as &#21151;&#22827;&#33590; (gong1 fu1 cha2) is a specific way of preparing...
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Egg roll
    Egg roll An egg roll is an appetizer which was originally eaten on the continent of Asia but has spread throught the world as a staple of Asian Cusine. The
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Spring rolls
    Spring rolls Spring rolls (春卷) are pastry|pastries with julienne|julienned vegetables (such as cabbage|cabbages, carrot|carrots, or wood ear fungi)
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    Sushi Image:Sushi4.jpg|right|160px Image:Sushi2.jpg|right|160px Sushi (?? or ?? or ???i) is a< B...
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    Take-out Take-out or carry-out (take-away in the UK) is food purchased at a restaurant but eaten elsewhere. The restaurant may or may not provide table service
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    Tofu Tofu is a food made by coagulating soy milk with calcium sulfate (gypsum), nigari (a sea-salt derived compound rich in magnesium chloride), or other a
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    Wonton Wonton (Cantonese language|CantonInternational Phonetic Alphabet|ese IPA: < font size=2 face="arial unicode ms, lucida sans ...
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Chow mein
    Chow mein Chow mein (Traditional Chinese: &#28818;&#40629;; Hanyu Pinyin: chao mian; meaning "stir-fried noodles") ...
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Fortune cookie
    Fortune cookie Image:fortune_cookie_20040628_223108_1.jpg|thumb|right|200px|A fortune cookie The fortune cookie is a cookie wit...
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    jiaozi Image:Jiaozi.jpg|240px|thumb|A plate of boiled dumplings Jiaozi (Traditional Chinese character|Trad. Ch.: &#39171;...
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    Mooncake Image:Mooncake.jpg|250px|thumb|right|Mooncake The mooncake (zh-stp|s=&#26376;&#39292;|t=&#26376;&#3917...
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Dim sum
    Dim sum Dim sum (Chinese language|Chinese: &#40670;&#24515;; Cantonese language|Cantonese International Phonetic Alphabet|I...
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    Dumpling A dumpling may be any of a wide variety of dishes, both sweet and savoury, in several different cuisines. They are either m...
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Egg foo young
    Egg foo young Egg foo young , or egg foo yung (Chinese: ???u?`; Hanyu Pinyin: fu rong dan; meaning
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Shark fin soup
    Shark fin soup Shark fin soup is a recipe commonly served in Chinese cuisine|Chinese restaurants as part of a Chinese feast, usually at the more upscale version.
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Soy milk
    Soy milk Soy milk or soya milk (Chinese_language|Chinese: &#35910;&#27974; or &#35910;&#22902;, Jap...
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Soy sauce
    Soy sauce table border=1 width=300 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 align=right style="margin: 10px;" trth colspan=2 ali...
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    Chop suey This article is about the food dish known as chop suey. "Chop Suey!" is also the title of a song in the album Toxicity (album)...
    Small intestine in large intestine Image:DachangBaoXiaochang.jpg|thumb|right|an instance of small intestine in large intestine observed in Taipei. Small intestine in large intestine
    Chinese mitten crab | border="1" cellspacing="0" align="right" cellpadding="2" !align="center" bgcolor=pink|Chinese Mitt
    Suncake A suncake (Chinese language|Chinese: &#22826;&#38525;&#39173;; pinyin: t?iy?ng b&#301;ng) is a popular Taiw...
    Chap Goh Mei Chap Goh Mei represents the fifteenth and final day of the Chinese New Year|Lunar New Year period as celebrated by Overseas...
    Thousand-year egg Thousand-year eggs (zh-cp|c=皮蛋|p=p?d?n or zh-cp|c=松花蛋|p=sōnghūad?n) are a Chinese delicacy. Despite the

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